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The Ultimate Diet Hacks For Complex Women Hormones (Part 3)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

If you are reading this, then you must have gone through the previous two blogs too. And if you haven't yet, then hurry up and give them a quick read for better understanding. In the earlier articles, I had shared with you some nutritional facts and healthy foods to eat and avoid for balancing your hormones.

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Well, when it's about hormonal changes, there are specific issues that women have to go through often (as mentioned in the earlier blogs). Hormones control almost every aspect of functionalities in a woman's body. And that is why taking your diet lightly or neglecting what your body requires can have substantial negative impacts on you.

Ultimate Diet Hacks for Complex Women Hormones

Can Natural Fresh Produce Help in Sustaining a Healthy Hormone Level in Your Body?

Previously, I have discussed the importance of nutrients and foods to be consumed and avoided. And in this article, I am going to tell you how you can maintain your hormonal health by consuming fresh produces that are easily available in your kitchen. Still, you have been unaware of their benefits all this time. So, let's begin with.

1. Leafy Green

Remember teaching your kids about the benefits of green vegetables? Now, it's time to follow those sayings in real life.

Leafy green veggies are nutrient-rich foods and filled with a wide range of antioxidants. It prevents inflammation and reduces the stress level in women, leading to better control of cortisol levels. Apart from that, it also helps in balancing estrogen.

Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and beet greens are some of the best sources of iodine that help you to resist fatigue, headaches, and brain fog. Thus, start consuming green vegetables and become a role model for your kid along with keeping your hormones healthy.

2. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is such a luscious fruit that nobody can deny. Isn't it? Well, this antioxidant-rich fruit helps to block the production of excess estrogen in your body.

Pomegranates contain a natural compound that inhibits the enzyme in a woman's body that replaces estrone with estradiol. It is a powerful form of estrogen that might develop hormone-dependent cancers. Also, it helps to increase haemoglobin levels in women, which is why it is great for those women suffering from anaemia.


3. Nuts

You might have heard; nuts are considered to be protein-rich food sources. But you should also know that nuts like almond have a significant impact on your endocrine system.

Nuts can help in lowering your insulin and cholesterol levels while maintaining adequate blood sugar levels. Walnuts among them contain a large amount of polyphenols that protect your cardiovascular system and heart.

Nuts are also enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, and that is why they are also good for your brain. Hence, the next time you feel hungry, go and grab some nuts as your short snacks.

4. Eggs

Are you worried about the amount of cholesterol contained in an egg? Well, no more worries, as it is proved to be one of the most nutritious supplements.

Eggs affect beneficially on your hormones by regulating your food intake and lowering ghrelin & insulin levels. Many also prefer to leave the yolk and eat only the egg white. However, eating whole eggs helps to increase insulin sensitivity and improve your health condition.

It also curbs your appetite and keeps you full for a longer time, which doesn’t make you prone to eat anything off-time or unhealthy.

5. Turmeric

If you are an Indian or even Asian, then turmeric plays a huge role in your diet. Isn't it?

Well, turmeric has been considered as the greatest remedy to treat inflammation. Since it is made of cur-cumin, it has a range of healing properties. Turmeric also provides relaxation from arthritis' pain in older women. And above all, the active ingredient present in turmeric fulfils the role of Estrogen, and its roots also help to minimise menstrual pain.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, these are some of the primary and natural ways for women to control their hormones by themselves. If you are someone who is utterly fed up with being sick and unhealthy for a long time, then go ahead and try the diet hacks mentioned above.

Also, share your diet tricks and journey in the comments section down below. I hope these tips must have helped you in your diet voyage.


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