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The Ultimate Diet Hacks For Complex Women Hormones (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Following the previous article on women's diet for reviving their hormonal deficiency, you might have got a fair idea about the importance of diet in controlling hormonal release in your body. Didn't you? Well, in this article, I will continue with a few more diet hacks that will help you to maintain the hormone level in your body.

Women Complex Hormones & Ultimate Diet Hacks

This blog is a part 2 of the series: The Ultimate Diet Hacks for Complex Women Hormones

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In today's fast-paced millennial lifestyle, hormonal imbalances have become a common issue in many women. But these can be settled at home itself by following a nutritious diet and making a little bit of change in your lifestyle.

How Come Diet Helps to Improve Women's Hormonal Health?

In my dietician career, I have attended many women suffering from issues like sudden mood swings, abnormal obesity, etc. Many also proclaimed about being unable to lose weight even after practising regular workouts.

Well, here is the fact; uneven hormonal changes in a woman’s body can often cause obesity that exercising alone can't resolve. Thus, you would also need a proper diet to maintain good health. The following are some of the diet hacks that would help you in your journey.

1. Are You Eating More or Less Than the Required Proportion?

Since you have read about the importance of protein and fibre consumption in your meal, it's time that you understand how essential your food proportion is.

Doesn't matter how good you are eating, if you tend to overeat or even under-eat, it can cause hormonal shifts in your body, and eventually lead to weight problems. Overeating can reduce insulin sensitivity, increase insulin levels and cause obesity.

On the contrary, under-eating can cause a rise in the stress hormone, cortisol.

2. Strict No-No to Refined Carbs

Are you fond of all those fried foods? Then it's time to build a border for the sake of your health.

Yes, it might not be possible to cut them off entirely from your life, but you can start with minimizing their consumption.

Recent studies have shown refined carbs drive insulin resistance and are also harmful to people having diabetes or pre-diabetes. Thus, try to avoid refined carbs as much as possible and consume good carbs like potato, rice, wheat, etc.


3. Say Bye to Sugary Foods & Drinks

Are you having a sugar tooth? Well, in that case, there is bad news for you. We all know how sugar causes weight gain, but do you know it happens because of its direct effect on your hormone.

Sugary items cause accession of your insulin resistance that leads to obesity and cause other health problems. Similarly, sugary beverages lead to huge calorie intake as it doesn't release the same fullness signals as solid food does after consumption.

Therefore, if you want your hormones to function healthily, restrict your sugar intake. Instead, you can consume substitutes like artificial sweeteners or honey often. Overcome your Sugar Cravings, follow some of these simple diet tips.

4. No More Avoiding Green Tea

How does your mind respond when you hear green tea? I am sure it must be things like "disgusting taste", "expensive", or even "better to die". Well, then, after hearing its benefits, you will be bound to change your perception regarding green tea.

We know green tea is one of the healthiest beverages, but do you know it has a significant impact on your hormones too? Apart from boosting your metabolism rate, green tea also contains antioxidants called EGCG that offer numerous health benefits. Also, it performs favourably on your insulin levels, keeping your hormones balanced and making your digestive system healthy.

5. Try Fatty Fish Often

If you love to have fishes, then you can consume fatty fish regularly. Fatty fish is considered as the best source of omega-3 fatty acids that have beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.

The omega-3 fatty acid has a tremendous effect on women hormones. It helps to reduce the stress hormones in them called adrenaline and cortisol. Along with that, it also reduces gestational diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, and insulin resistance that avoid gaining weight.

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Bottom Line

Hence, now when you know, some more easy and homely diet hacks to balance your hormones and make yourself healthy, then what are you waiting for? Do try them without any doubts and share your experiences with me in the comment box below. Also, do let me know your ideas and diet hacks with me.



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