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Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal
Rated One of the best Dietician in Delhi NCR for Weight Loss



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Given the fast-paced modern lifestyle, polluted air to breathe and readily available junk foods to satiate our hunger, following a healthy regime is a must. We are surrounded by different ailments, of which obesity, cholesterol, sugar, thyroid and high blood pressure have become pretty common. People, especially young women mostly rely on simple, easy and effective weight loss Keto diets available on the Internet to detox and rid their body of daily junks. But, randomly opting for the best diet plan for weight loss from the Internet can lead to other medical issues. It is important to remember different body types or shapes have different diet and exercise plans. So, it is always advisable to go for personalized diet consultation. There are many experienced dieticians out there who are proficient in handling different cases and offering helpful diet suggestions matching different body types which are reliable and better than any best online diet plan.


Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal felt the urgent need to use her expertise in Nutrition and Weight Management to help others live a happy and healthy life. And, this very desire of hers to aid ignorant or ill-informed patients with apt knowledge in Nutrition and Weight Loss using proper diet had spearheaded Nutrition Matters some 12 years back. 


One of the biggest challenges people face today is how to observe a strict daily diet while maintaining a fast-paced lifestyle? Nutrition Matters, owned by the best Dietician in Delhi NCR, Ankita Gupta Sehgal, is that clinical centre which is opened with the sole purpose of offering the best-personalized diet consultation to young women, men, children, infants, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Dietician Ankita Sehgal specializes in charting out easy and convenient plans such as a diet for women with issues like Pre-menstrual Pains, PCOD, PCOS, Pre-Pregnancy / Post Pregnancy or recipes that match the modern style of living. She also offers convenient diet plans for patients with medical issues like Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Obesity & Weight Management, Uric Acid. Further, Nutrition Matters focuses on empowering people with knowledge on the importance of maintaining a healthy life, through education, helpful tips on Celebrity Diet, Corporate Health Events, Webinars and Blog.


At Nutrition Matters, patients are provided with simple, convenient, readily available, practical and most flexible diet plans matching their body types and shapes which guarantee long-lasting positive results. 


Looking for the best Dietician in Delhi NCR? Visit Nutrition Matters and enjoy a healthy life with nutritional healthy diet, because at Nutrition Matters, health and well-being Matter!  

Rated Among Top 8 Nutrition Experts in Delhi NCR: LBB

Ranked as Best Dietician for Weight Loss in Delhi NCR: Google

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