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Well, It all started 9 yrs back when I decided that I would share my knowledge to help others live a happy and healthy life. 

Welcome to Nutrition Matters a Dietitian Nutritionist owned business providing diet consultation for men, women, children, infants, pregnant and breastfeeding females.

Nutrition Matters is your source for easy and convenient diet planning packed with helpful ideas and guidelines. We provide consultations to clients who ask for more ideas, recipes and suggestions and matches their current lifestyle. 

Nutrition Matters is focused on empowering people through education, support and inspiration to make real life changes that lead them to better health and lasting weight loss.

I am now one of the leading dietitian in Delhi NCR, with more than 1200 happy clients so far. If you're looking for best dietician for the most effective diet plan which is customized as per your lifestyle, stress levels, nutrition requirement, then this is your resort.

One of the biggest challenge one faces in today’s fast paced life is how to actually keep up with a strict diet plan. Therefore, here at Nutrition Matters, we make it simple and provide our clients with easy to manage, practical and flexible diet plans thus, leaving a lasting impact.