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The Ultimate Diet Hacks For Complex Women Hormones (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Being a woman, you might have witnessed suffering from mood swings very often. Don't you? But do you know the reason for undergoing such abrupt emotional changes? Well, it's due to the hormonal imbalances in your body. So, as a dietician, today, I am going to tell you a bit about the hormonal effects in women and how you can resolve it naturally by adjusting your diet.

Certain common hormones affect women's bodies, such as insulin, leptin & gherkin (the hunger hormones), thyroid hormones and estrogen & progesterone. A little bit of carelessness in your lifestyle can cause an imbalance in these hormones, which can lead to problems like weight gain, mood swings, diabetes, vaginal dryness, loss of bone, etc.

Top Diet Hacks for Complex Women Hormones

Can These Hormonal Issues be Resolved Naturally Without Medications?

Well, hormonal changes in women are very common. Studies claim that a woman's body undergoes hormonal up-downs 4-times in a month due to her menstruation cycle. That is why they often suffer from PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) before or during her chums.

But again, you can sort this problem out yourself, just by maintaining your diet. Although if your symptoms seem to be unnatural, then do recommend a gynaecologist. But for minor cases, you can easily follow the below-stated diet.

1. Include Adequate Protein in Your Meal

Is your meal platter containing enough protein? If not, then it's time to add some.

Dietary protein contains vital amino acids that a woman's body requires from external sources as it can't make it by itself. Protein controls the release of natural hormones that helps to control your appetite. It also contributes to maintaining bone, muscle, and skin health.

Thus, having 20-30g of protein in your every meal can trigger the production of essential hormones in your body and keep you healthy.

2. Have You Made Enough Space for Healthy Fats in Your Diet?

Well, you might have heard about the consumption of good fats. Earlier, fat used to be a myth that causes obesity and is utterly unhealthy. But with the revelation of good fats and bad fats, things have become quite clear.

Good quality natural fats help to reduce appetite and insulin resistance. Even dairy fats and monounsaturated fats present in nuts and olive oil seem to be good for women with fatty liver, diabetes, pre-diabetes, and elevated triglycerides.


3. Opt for a High Fiber Diet

Do you think your diet has higher-fibre content? Let me reveal the fact that even fiber plays a pivotal role in increasing your insulin sensitivity, thus, restoring the production of natural hormones.

Research says there are two types of fibres – soluble & insoluble fibre, and both produce a substantial impact on your appetite. High-fibre foods help you to stay full for a longer time, that eventually keeps you away from overeating. It means fibre helps you to fight with your obesity by controlling your hunger.

4. Look After your Consumption of Iodine

Do you have any idea how iodine reacts to your thyroid hormones? Well, then let me tell you iodine deficiency can affect your body, bosom, and ovaries.

Iodine is essentially crucial for optimal functioning of your thyroid gland and its hormone. Presence of an adequate amount of iodine in your meal can protect you from problems like goitres.

Similarly, in the case of ovaries and brain, iodine deficiency can cause estrogenic cancer, ovarian cancer, depression, brain fog, etc. Also, for pregnant women, iodine deficiency in them can affect the brain development of their babies. So, foods like eggs, fishes, and iodized salt can help to fulfil the iodine requirement in your body.

5. Hey! Don’t Miss Out on Vitamin D Enriched Foods!

You might have heard that vitamin D, which we get from the sun is quite beneficial for humans. Similarly, vitamin D-rich foods help you to fight with hormone deficiency in your body.

Foods with high vitamin D content are exceedingly recommended for regulating cell growth and lowering the risk of cancer in your body. It helps to increase progesterone, estrone, estrogen, and insulin sensitivity that produces ovarian cells.

Also, vitamin D enables your body to expand the calcium consumption-ability of your gut, thereby preventing your bones from getting fragile and making them stronger instead.

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Ending Words

Thus, these are some of the safe and natural techniques that you can try in this COVID 19 pandemic to maintain hormonal balance in your body. However, if you are allergic to any of the nutrition mentioned above, make sure to consult your dietitian before trying.

In case you still have doubts, do share with us your queries in the comment box below.



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