How Dr. Priya Agarwal lost Weight & Fought PCOD Symptoms in just 60 Days

It's always been a pleasure working as a dietician where I can see my career collaborate with my passion that helps people improve their lifestyle and achieve the desired health benefit. ‘Nutrition Matters’ as a brand has always stood with the principle of helping the clients throughout the journey of wellbeing. One of my clients Dr. Priya Agarwal had an underlying symptom of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which was acting as an impediment for weight loss. I went through her case properly and after examining the parameters a diet program was suggested. What followed then is a remarkable transformation story, a feat achieved by Dr. Agarwal.

Following is her story:

1. Hello, Could you please help us know how long have you had this condition called PCOS?

Hi, I am Dr. Priya Agarwal, 25 years old medical practitioner. In retrospect, I was fortunate enough to understand about having PCOD approximately 9 years ago. The reason I say that I was fortunate to know about PCOD as a symptom back then was what led after that was something which made me uncomfortable but in recent times, I knew what steps were supposed to be taken to fight back this situation.

2. What was your reaction after knowing that you have a condition called PCOS? In retrospect how did it affect you physically and mentally?

My primary reaction was something very similar to any other person who goes into that “why me?” phase. I was not at all happy when I came to know about having PCOS. I was first filled with all the questions like what is PCOS? Why did I get it? How will it affect me? Is it curable? My menstrual cycle got irregular which was already alarming for me at that age and adding fuel to the fire was unnecessary weight gain. All these affected me and my confidence in a bad way that really made me feel sad about my personality. I remember a specific period of time when I went into a self-loathing zone.

3. How has PCOS affected your weight?

After reading and consulting a proper medical practitioner, I understood that PCOS is a very common endocrinological and a lifestyle disorder that has a direct impact on weight. Therefore, in my case also I gained weight over the years. The thing that made me most uncomfortable and physically noticeable in me was central obesity.

4. What nudged you to look for a dietician? Were you aware that the weight loss program under this symptom needs special nutrition?

To answer the second question, Yes, I had the knowledge that PCOD can be defeated only by weight reduction which requires proper diet and workout. I would always suggest other women that get yourself checked and consulted by a proper medical practitioner as this symptom goes unnoticed until you start seeing the symptoms. What made me look for a dietician was my irregular menstrual cycle and the unreasonable weight gain in the following years after detection. Being aware of all the Ill-effects of having PCOD was the first step that I cleared which made me determined to break this vicious cycle of irregular periods and weight gain. I came to know with proper consultation and guidance under a certified dietician can help me with the weight loss program. I made sure that I don’t leave any stone unturned to overcome the symptom.

5. How was your experience with Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal? What worked out for you?

Before I met Dt. Ankita Gupta Sehgal Ma’am, "Weight Loss" was a nightmare for me. I tried to do some weight loss techniques after using google as my counselor but that never worked. This kept on pushing me down with my confidence. In the end, I made a choice to approach Ankita Ma’am after some primary research. When I think of the diet prescribed to me, I am completely overwhelmed with her easy to make, homemade, delicious foods that she gives in her diet plans. The best part is, I don’t have to crash diet and the preparation of the food is really simple.

If you have to ask me, being strict with the diet plans, the timely discipline for every meal, drinking 3-4 liters of water, and going for a walk for 30 min and a workout at least 30-40 minutes per day for 6 days a week is crucial for successful outcomes.

All the things helped me lose 9kgs of weight and 9 inches in less than 3 months.

6. What was your initial feedback about the diet plan? And how did it progress?

Ever since I have started my diet, I did not find any difficulty in following it.She used to give me food according to my likes/ dislikes. She kept a close view on my progress and in case my weight was stuck she changed the plan accordingly. The best thing I have learned from her is that dieting doesn't mean to starve or to eat tasteless food or just salads! When you are going through this journey, sometimes you need someone more than just a counsellor whom you can connect with at any point of the day. Trust me, Ankita Ma’am was that person. The best part is she keeps on experimenting with food products. Her blogs, her WhatsApp status and personal messages on “Hey, we can try something that you’ll love to have in your diet from next time” messages used to cheer me up.

7. When did people start noticing the change in you?

Although as I started noticing the change with my body, what drove me was a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes even the compliments worked as a booster for me to stay true to my diet. It was just after 1 month, I was getting compliments and appreciation from the people as I lost 5kgs in that span.

8. With success stories, there are multiple failures which go unnoticed, during this journey what didn't work for you?

Absolutely. there was a time in between when my weight was stuck, and that really made me worried because in my perspective I was doing everything correctly. But I introspected the process and started noting down everything and I found that drinking a sufficient amount of water (3-4L) in a day and being consistent and strict with the diet was important. This restarted my weight loss process. What we need to understand is, even though there will be external factors supporting you. This fight is something you have to fight. Ask your, dietician, what works out and what doesn’t. Ankita Ma’am was receptive to my pain points and tweaked the plans accordingly, it was really helpful.

9. When you were following this diet, were there any side effects?

A big No. Why should there be any? What was suggested to me and what I was practicing was just something everyone should be doing irrespective of this syndrome. I started getting healthier. My weight was reduced, supplemented by a reduction in waist size. The only thing that might bother someone would be to let go of the unhealthy food one was used to earlier. But hey, I got a really good substitute for the same taste.

10. This brings me to the question: what was your favorite food or go-to food you discovered during PCOS?

It’s hard to pick one but my favorite foods are all from my detox days. Be it fruits smoothie, custards, pancakes, soaked overnight oatmeal, and idlis. All these were suggested by Ankita Ma’am. When you look at the dishes I mentioned above, most of them either look either boring or unhealthy but what we don’t know is how we can make our diet fun, tasty, and healthy. I used to read these blogs where ma’am has provided recipes for all that she used to prescribe.

11. What suggestion would you give to fellow female audiences going through the PCOS,PCOD condition?

PCOD isn’t a good thing to the harbor in our body and if it's residing then it's only our own choice!

Although I would say, it's not an end of the story to be detected with PCOD but then one must always take steps to overcome the condition. Having PCOS increases the chance of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and infertility. And it's a vicious cycle which needs to be broken.

Watch her Video here:

All you need is a stubborn mind, heart, and a strong will power. So don't delay in taking a decision to see a healthier and a better version of yourself. Go out there, consult a dietician for proper nutritional intake without experimenting on your food habits. I won the battle and so will you. All the best!

I would love to thank Dr. Priya Agarwal, for taking out time to answer these questions and share her story to the world. I hope our boding goes beyond just a dietitian and client relationships. Wishing her all the very best!!

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