Yes, Your Good Eating Habits Can Actually Help to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

This CoronaVirus Lockdown season seems to be never-ending and so does our Work From Home (WFH) schedule. Our sedentary lifestyle for sure will be affecting our health; unfortunately, the restrictions on movement is not in our control, although, we can take care of our health by embarking on the journey by inculcating good eating habits to help us lose Weight, Reduce that Belly Fat and keep it off.

What Does Good Eating Habit mean?

Balanced Nutrition Intake:

A typical plate should consist of a combination of complex carbohydrates (Whole grains), good amount of proteins (pulses, legumes, cheese, soy), a portion of vegetable and gentle amount of healthy fats (ghee, coconut oil, etc).

As each and every nutrient has a very distinct and important role to play, deletion of anu nutrient will not give the desired health benefits. For example, the very popular Low Carb Diets in the long run, lead to depletion of Seratonin - A hormone responsible for the feeling of goodness, well-being and happiness.

Basically without carbohydrates, our brain loses its ability to think and make us feel more irritated, dull and low in energy.

Likewise, a diet which is devoid of good fats like Ghee Tadka in Dal or Vegetables made in coconut or mustard oil, gives you no satiety (satisfaction). And where there is no satisfaction from the food you eat, you're likely to eat more and make wrong food choices, like indulging in cakes, pizza, etc.

People do make this common mistake of eliminating fats from their diet when they try to lose weight or even think of eating healthy. Have you been trying to lose weight but unable to shed those extra kilos - Maybe you're doing these common mistakes.

Nevek Skip A Meal

You might feel elated when you skip a meal and in turn try to reduce the number of calories from your diet so that you can lose weight but you don't know what impact this would have on your next meal.

You will end up eating a lot more and in fact, with lot of bad calories, as skipping a meal needs you to eat more than required in the next meal. This can be called a case of "Fasting & Feasting Pattern", leading to fluctuating blood sugars, weight gain, hormonal imbalance etc.

For example, Many of you must have seen how much more you eat in the evening after skipping your lunch and generally your urge of eating sugar and salt laden food like biscuits, chips etc would increase by many folds.

This can also lead to bloating and acidity, making you feel a lot more heavier, thus destroying the purpose of it. Do you suffer from Acidity or Heartburn? Here are Top Home Remedies for HeartBurn & Acid Reflux

You can adjust your food intake as per your appetite but never skip a meal.

Regular Meal Timings

Eating right (means fresh, home cooked, unprocessed in season food in balanced quantity) and at the right time ensured a steady and stable blood sugar, providing you with energy for a longer period of time and make you feel lighter on your feet.

A lot of my clients complaints of bloating and heaviness in the body and the mere connections in their meal timings has relieved them off from bloating and acidity issues.

Consume Enough Water

Our body loses water that we consume, in the form of sweat, body waste and breathing.

Water helps our body stay hydrated with negligible calories. Water helps in the transportation of nutrients that come from carbs, protein and fat in the body.

Fact Check: About 20-30% people suffer from oedema, as it is called in medical terms, or simple language - Water Retention. Sometimes the entire body swells up and at times just one or two parts (like, say, the ankle or the face). One should drink a minimum of 2-3 litres of water per day.

Water not only helps in flushing out the toxins from our system through urine, it also helps in softening of the stools thus reducing the chances of constipation - A common problem of a Sedentary lifestyle.

Good eating habits + Lifestyle Changes = Healthy Living

What Accounts for Healthy Living?

Improvement in Immune System: Good eating habits when putting into daily practice can help reduce the health issues including chronic health diseases. Your immune system becomes stronger against common flu, fever and cough problems.

Weight Loss: Eating a balanced diet at defined intervals helps increase metabolism. This helps in weight loss plan. It’s a myth that more your exercise, higher calories you burn. 60-70% of your weight loss plan is dependent on how well is your eating habit.

Reduced Stress, Improved Energy: Timely good eating habits reduces binge eating and keeps you full. Hydrating yourself at regular intervals provides rejuvenates your cell with oxygen. If this is supplemented with daily exercise of 30 minutes, you’ll feel fresh and energetic.

I recall a famous quote by Jim Rohn “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”​. ​To make sure you follow a proper diet, ​consult your dietician​. Experimenting with food without knowing your body type can lead to undesired results.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle, you’d never regret making this decision. Healthy living is a process which starts by taking one step at a time and it becomes a habit.


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