Caution: Stop Following Random Diets on your own, This can be Very Dangerous!

Updated: May 31, 2019

With all the focus on weight in our society, it isn’t surprising news that millions of people easily fall prey to fad diets and bogus weight-loss products. The Internet is flooded with lots and lots of diet plans that promise to give you the best of health. All bodies are different and demand different nutrition. Many people without thinking twice, jump on different diet plans on their own without trying to know if it is suitable for their body type or not. What you’re eating is a grave matter because dieting on your own can be dangerous!

We all probably know about how the right nutrition can help in improving our health.

Now, let us take a look at how lousy food can hurt our health.A wrong diet plan will not instantly show any significant consequences but can lead you to various dangerous diseases.

Below are some of the conditions that are linked to bad diet choices:

  • High cholesterol: There are two types of cholesterol- GOOD(HDL)  and BAD(LDL). Good cholesterol is essential for the formation of cell membranes, Vitamin D and some hormones. A bad diet that is not preferable by your body can increase the formation of LDL or bad cholesterol. This cholesterol gets collected into the walls of the blood vessels and leads to their blockage. High cholesterol can also increase the chances of a heart attack.

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  • High blood pressure: High blood pressure is a prevalent disease, but if ignored for an extended period, it can take a face of strokes, heart failure, kidney failure, and even heart attacks. Some diet plans consist of food products which results in high BP. People unknowing continues on these diets thinking that high BP is just a minor issue that their body is facing due to old age or some other problems.

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  • Diabetes: Too much sugar in your blood even when you’re on a sugar-free diet? It happens a lot of times when people were trying to lose weight cut down on sugars but end up being a diabetic. The reason is the wrong food products; eliminating sweeteners from your daily diet is not a solution. It is the carbohydrates that have the most significant effect on blood glucose. Following a wrong diet without consulting a physician can give you extra carbohydrates and cause diabetes

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  • Cancer: If we go by the facts, 30% of cancers in developed countries are results of bad food choices. People follow trendy diet plans to lose weight or to improve metabolism or for slowing down the ageing process and various other reasons without looking at their long term effects and drag themselves towards cancer.

  • Osteoporosis: It’s true a wrong diet plan can lead to osteoporosis or what we call low bone density. Bones need calcium for their growth and strength, which is obtained mainly from dairy products and leafy green products. People turning vegans unknowingly cut down their calcium supply and make their bones weaker and more prone to fracture

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The effects of bad dieting will creep up on you slowly, and before you sense something wrong happening, you will develop diabetes or a heart patient. A good diet, based on healthy eating habits is crucial for you to stay healthy and active.

Do not go with the trend and follow the famous diets without knowing their effects on your health. Always consult a trusted dietitian before starting on any of the diets.

If you have any query or want to add anything in the above information, drop down a comment and let us know!


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