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Is Ginger really that helpful in boosting our Immunity?

There is a well-known quotation by Aaron Bruno that “You start treating your body right and your immune system is better.” In this time of Coronavirus outbreak where we are ensuring personal hygiene, it is vital to keep our immune system jazzed-up. It is really important to keep our immunity power strong to fight against this virus. Only maintaining personal hygiene doesn’t mean that you will not get affected by the virus.

To have a strong immune system you should follow a healthy diet to keep yourself free from diseases.

Spices and herbs have always held an important place in Indian houses. Ginger is the most popular one among them which is not only used for food but also serves many health benefits and is used frequently for the treatment of cold and cough as a home remedy which we take in a form of “Kadha” or that classic “Adrak wali chai”.

According to the report of “Times of India” Ginger is full of nutrients like Vitamin B6, minerals like Mg, Mn and has 79% of water, 18% of carbohydrates, 2% of protein & 1% of fat.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent inflammation in the body and antioxidant properties to avert heart diseases, cancer and many more.

Studies say that ginger can fasten blood sugar levels in diabetes patients and can promote weight loss as stable blood sugar level hampers overeating. One glass of ginger water every morning will help you to stay hydrated which is one of the crucial facets of health.

Ginger is used to making Ayurvedic medicines as it has Gingerol, Shogaol and Paradol which exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which helps to boost one’s immune system.

Also, we know that everything in this world has both advantages and disadvantages. Consumption of ginger in a large amount can cause side effects like mouth-burning, never take ginger with clove or garlic because it can result in excessive bleeding, sometimes it leads to diarrhea, gynecologists say that pregnant ladies should take the prescribed amount of ginger only.

Ginger in an empty stomach should not be taken as it may cause you gastric problems and many more. We know that “Excess of everything is bad” which is a popular proverb.

Home-remedies are effective and cheap way to rehabilitate a load of health problems. At present, there is no drug for COVID-19 so it will be better if we take these preservatives. Even the ministry of “AYUSH” stated that the use of folk medicine like Ayurveda and homoeopathy will help us to avoid the danger of corona. The only way to stay safe and healthy is to build your immune system strong.

“Health is not the absence of germs, toxins or cancer cells. It’s how well your body responds to them. Sturdy immunity equals sturdy health” well said by Tal Gur.


In the present COVID19 times, boosting your immune system is a necessity rather than a choice and needs to be undertaken seriously. Even the GOI through the Ministry of AYUSH has prescribed ginger to be an effective food in increasing your immune system. Moreover, it also increases the taste of the spicy food.

What are your thoughts on this? How do you incorporate ginger in your daily food routine, feel free to share your views in the comments section below!!


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