Honey and Ghee (Milk Fat) - can it act as a poison, if eaten together?

Ancient Indian knowledge (Including Ayurveda) says that combination of honey and ghee/milk is poison or toxic. The honey is a naturally occurring material which is rich in fructose 35-40%, glucose 25-35% and to lesser extent sucrose and maltose. Honey also contains some minerals which are not normally seen in other sweets. Apart from this it contains Clostridium botulinum, a bacteria. Milk is considered to be the best medium for bacteria to grow and multiply. So when honey is mixed with milk or milk products these bacteria multiply and then in turn produce some toxins which is not at all good for the body.

Honey is a sweet and viscous food subtend produced by bees and related insects. Honey is enormously healthy for our body if taken alone. Honey acts us a heating agent in our body. There are certain combinations good for health when taken along with honey but there are certain combinations that are harmful for our health if taken with honey. Honey carries the properties of medicine but it can be extremely dangerous if mixed with the wrong combination.

However, if we rephrase the question as heated honey mixed with ghee is poisonous? Then answer may be true!

Heating of honey is contraindicated according to Ayurveda as it causes deleterious effects. In an experiment, the scientists evaluated the effects of consumption of heated honey, ghee, honey mixed with equal amount of ghee and heated honey mixed with heated ghee in rats.

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The study has shown that heating of honey reduces the specific gravity with a subsequent raise in ash value, pH, HMF, browning, phenolics and antioxidant activity. The mixing of honey with ghee brings about enhancement in browning, antioxidants and specific gravity without altering the food consumption and organ weights of the rats. The study revealed that heated honey (>140°C) mixed with ghee produces HMF which may produce deleterious effects and act as a poison in due course (Ushnam cha samagrutham madhu marayati).

Honey has the property of heat and ghee has the property of cold. One should never combine opposite properties in equal amounts as it creates Vita Doha in our body according to Ayurveda.

Some amounts of ghee and honey by weight are bad combination as ghee acts as a cooling agent in the body and honey acts as heating agent. Equal quantities of both together can lead to disturb our body systems many illness including cancer and even deaths

In Ayurveda it is said that if ghee and honey are taken in equal amounts together form a virudh aahar for body, leading to many disease like

  1. Skin Disease

  2. Boils

  3. Digestive disorders

  4. Fever

  5. Piles

  6. Less immunities

  7. Urinary disorder etc

Hence ghee and honey together taken is same amount can lead to poison in our bodies. If at all taking ghee and honey together take it in unequal proportions to be on safe side for Example if using for cough use more amount of honey than ghee and for vita and pita use more amount of ghee than honey.

Another reasons for these combinations becoming poison is according to science is that honey is a complex polysaccharide which requires special enzymes for its break up to be used as simple sugars and ghee is a complex chain of fatty acid which requires emulsification an and action of lipase and other lipid breaking enzymes which in combination interact with one another within our G.I that which leads to indigestion and Formations of aama (mango). This cause too much accumulation of free radicals with in systems causing different disease, cancers and deaths.

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