Mandira Bedi’s Secret Diet Can Give You the Perfect Waistline You Always Desire

Started career as an actor and soon moved on to become a successful cricket commentator, followed by the tag of a fashion designer added to her resume, Mandira Bedi is a paragon of beauty with brains and a fit body to envy.

She became a popular face during the Cricket World Cup 2003 and made quite a mark for herself in the otherwise male-dominated world. Being a mother, she managed to juggle multi roles, but what truly inspires her followers is her fit and fine body.

At 48 years, she is giving some serious competition to starlets like Katy Perry, Halle Berry and Disha Patani. But, what are the secrets behind her narrow waistline and fit body? In a recent video, the fitness enthusiast was seen candidly speaking about her simple formula behind the toned body she has been carrying post-pregnancy.

When it comes down to choosing a balanced diet alongside regular workouts in Gyms, most people think that just because they are already sweating out for long hours exercising, they can eat whatever their heart craves for. But, one should remember, weight loss is 80 percent the foods you eat, and 20 percent exercise’.

The mantra is to lose weight the honest way, i.e. with a food and exercise plan that makes sense. And, the television starlet has a few words of advice to share here as well. Mandira Bedi advises her followers to “give yourself small goals. Don’t think about losing 20kg at once. Focus on losing a kilo in one week, and so on. Also, eating clean is a way of life”.

And, there lies her secret diet ingredient!

How to look super fit like Mandira Bedi with her secret diet?

Besides following a simple workout routine, the famous yummy mummy of Indian Television, Mandira Bedi says exercises and healthy eating habits can give the best result when coupled up with clean, simple, healthy diet. Here, we take a sneak peek into the daily gourmet choices that helped her stay fit and healthy.

Early Morning

She begins her day with a refreshing drink made out of apple cider vinegar in hot water. This particular drink can benefit your skin and metabolism as well. Apple cider vinegar helps in skin exfoliation, absorb excess oils and unclog blocked pores, as well as, has the power to restore the proper pH levels to your skin. Mandira Bedi admits that her skin has improved vastly because of it. Also, apple cider vinegar mixed with hot water helps with weight loss, lowers cholesterol, prevents indigestion, boosts energy levels and controls blood sugar levels, among others.


Then, she intakes black coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil in it which, according to her, tastes like an exotic cocktail. This is followed by a fruit before she hits the gym to sweat out her extra calories. Again, black coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil can speed up the body’s metabolism, improve energy levels, helps in raising HDL cholesterol and keep bowels regular.

She is really particular about her meal times, though she eats when she is hungry only. She acknowledges the importance of dinner in daily diet and prefers to complete her dinner by 7:30 and the rule stays even if she is going out for a late-night meal. She completes her dinner before heading out for the night for any social gathering and grabs something light there.

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In short, her breakfast comprises apple cider vinegar mixed in hot water, black coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil in it, fruit and cold coffee as well. At times, a toast or an egg is added to the early morning menu.

For lunch, she prefers eating what is cooked at home. Her mid-day staple diet includes a simple platter of home-made daal, sabzi and roti. And, dinner comprises the same items minus the roti.

However, what worries her most is the five o’clock evening snacks. But, she keeps healthy snacks with her to help her fight the temptation to eat something wrong. Mostly, she satiates her hunger with light bites like kurmura, makhana, different kinds of soya nuts, lentils or puffed items.

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Post-workout, the fitness diva prefers to munch on a healthy protein bar or sip a glass of protein shake - two scoops in water, but these are not part of her daily diet. In fact, she is completely against taking energy supplements or fat burners. And, before any pre-planned event, if she feels her tummy needs to be flatter, then she cuts out carbs from her meal and sticks to eating wholesome salads for at least three-four days prior to the event.

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Her Cheat Days

Despite her strict diet, Mandira Bedi does enjoy her cheat days gorging on her favourite chocolates. Then again, there are no specific ‘cheat days’ prescribed in her routine. Instead, she goes with the flow and enjoys the moment because ‘moments are bigger than your strict diet’.

Further, she adds that Ghee is what she mostly prefers to cook her food with, and she is completely a wheat person or prefers to shift between barley and wheat. Rice stays completely off her menu.

The Key is Motivation

For Mandira Bedi, the ‘The Key is Motivation’ and her advice to women of her age would be - ‘It is never too late to get into fitness, it is never too late to start exercising. Give yourself small goals’. That is how one can get to reach where they wish to reach as far as their weight is concerned.

Pic Credits: Mandira Bedi's Instagram Handle

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