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Top 5 Tasty and Healthy Dinner options which won’t affect your Weight Loss Journey

Worried about your dinner diet while trying to lose weight?

Eating healthy and restricting calories is very important in the journey of weight loss. But yes, craving is a thing and your stomach craves for something tasty every now and then.

Here are five healthy dinner options which are delicious as well as nutritious! They will help you to stick to your healthy diet plan as they aren’t loaded with calories.

1. Chickpea Salad

Top 5 Healthy Dinner Options
Chickpea Salad

Salad is always the most boring meal for weight loss but it is also the most healthiest and nutritious of all. Chickpea comes from the family of grams and are filled with a number of nutritional values that are beneficial to maintain good health. Chickpea salad is a delicious and spicy version of salad. People who want to include salad in their diet list but are very taste conscious should go ahead and try munching onto some delicious chickpeas. These little fellows are loaded with fiber, and make you feel fuller when consumed.

2. Green Vegetable and Chapatti

Top 5 Healthy Dinner Options
Green Vegetables & Whole Wheat Chapati

Yes, this is true. Green vegetables and chapatti indeed is a delicious and healthy option to be a part of your weight loss diet plan. It is not a heavy dinner option at all. Green vegetables are high in fiber and proteins which play a crucial role in weight loss. They are also very low in calories which makes them a great option to shred some pounds without depriving yourself of healthy food. Make your chapattis with multigrain flour as it is gluten-free and healthier than regular flour. In total, this combination of veggies and chapatti provides a blend of nutrients with iron, calcium, vitamins and protein and lots of fiber.

3. Lentil Soup

If we talk about protein, lentils are another great option. Lentils are easily digestible and are very low in calories which helps you maintain healthy body weight. Other than this there are also some more healthy reasons to make them a part of your dinner. Lentils boost energy levels instantly, lowers the risk of heart disease, keeps the digestive system healthy, and they are delicious!

4. Vegetable Oatmeal

Top 5 Healthy Dinner Options
Oats Meal

Oats are packed with healthy carbohydrates and fiber that helps improve the digestive system and increase the metabolism rate of your body which in turn helps in flushing out all the excessive fats of the body. When you’re craving for something spicy but healthy, vegetable oatmeal is the best option. It can be easily prepared in a pan. Add your favourite veggies like onions, tomatoes, carrot, pepper, green peas, etc. to make it look colourful. Use olive oil to give it a little more healthy touch.

5. Stuffed Bell Peppers

There are times when you crave something fancy, spicy but healthy to eat. Stuffed bell pepper is the answer to your craving! Bell peppers are low in calories and contain plenty of vitamin C and protein. They also carry antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. You can stuff your colourful bell peppers with tasty and healthy green vegetables to make it a good option for your dinner.

Most of these recipes are made of whole grain and are high in fiber and protein. They will not only help you to lose weight but will also sate your appetite for the rest of your night.

Try out your favourite dinner idea and let us know what you think about them in the comments section below!

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