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Top Healthy Diet Tips to have Healthy Shiny Hair you always Wanted

Our hair plays a vital role in defining our personalities. Most of us love our hair more than our lives and consider it as the most prized possession. Why shouldn’t it be? Beautiful hair makes us happier, more confident and of course more attractive and therefore everyone dreams of having healthy, thick and lustrous hair.

But, if we look at today’s time, our hair is at the mercy of chemical products. In summers, the conditioners and chlorine leave our hair dry and dreary, and in winters, it turns weak and brittle due to the dry heat. Cosmetic products are a major disaster for our hair.

Shampooing and conditioning your hair is the part of taking care of your healthy hair but just doing that much will not give you strengthened and shiny hair. What you put in your stomach is as much as important as what you put in your hair. Here are ten perfect diet tips that will make your hair lavishly silky, shiny and healthy:

1. Drink a lot of water

If the roots of the hair are dry and weak, then they are more prone to damage. It is imperative to keep them moisturised. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day to keep your scalp moisturised and prevent hair loss

2. Include dry fruits in your diet

Dry fruits are packed with iron, sulphur and biotins which promotes hair growth. They are also abundant in Vitamin D which enhances the blood circulation in the scalp and helps with healthy follicles

3. Salmons and eggs

Salmon and eggs are suggested by a lot of dermatologists. The premium quality of protein found in salmon helps to accelerate the cellular repair and strengthening the hair. Eggs have Vitamins that are essential for healthy hair. Egg yolks work as a conditioning agent for the hair and make them silky and shiny

4. Protein from lentils and beans

Protein is essential for hair growth. Kidney beans and lentils should be a necessary part of your diet. They provide a high quality of protein with ample amounts of zinc, iron, and biotins. 3-4 cups of lentils or beans each week is recommended for healthy hair

5. Whole grain breakfast

A hearty fortified wholegrain breakfast is crucial for a healthy dose of zinc, iron, and biotins which are very important for hair growth. Whole grain bread, biscuits, and cereals with milk and dry fruits can do wonders for the hair

6. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale are highly beneficial for hair growth. They are full of irons, Vitamin A and C which your body needs to produce sebum, the oily substance released from the hair follicles which promotes hair growth

7. Calcium from milk and yogurt

Milk and yogurt are excellent sources of calcium, minerals, and proteins. By consuming them regularly, the body will get an adequate amount of calcium. They also work as protective agents for the hair and prevent them from split ends and dryness

8. Walnuts and almonds

Walnuts and Almonds are full of exceptional nutritional content. Not only as dry fruits, but they can also be used in the form of oil or butter. You can add almond oil in a glass of milk to get benefits of both milk and dry fruits

9. Sweet potato sweetens the Hair Growth

The presence of beta carotene and developing immune power makes sweet potato a superfood for hair. Sweet potato does not enhance the hair growth directly, but it gives extra protection to the scalp from the exposure to the ultraviolet rays and hence helps in maintaining healthy hair

10. Carrots in place of junk food

Carrots are an excellent source of Vitamin A which stimulates the creation of sebum and promotes healthy scalp as well as good vision. You can Munch on carrots in snack time or have them as toppings on your salad

Top 10 Diet Tips for Healthy Shiny Hair and Proper Hair Growth

Do you also dream of hair shown in advertisements of shampoos and conditioners? It’s time to get beauty from inside out! Follow these diet tips and see changes for yourself. If you want to anything to the above information, do let us know in the comment section!

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