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Top Five Gluten Free Flour

The best answer to the very now a days common wheat allergy or the Celiac disease is Gluten free foods. Gluten is a protein found in many cereals like wheat, barley, rye.

Grains which are acceptable in a gluten free diet includes millet, quinoa, sorghum, buckwheat. Gram flour (Chickpea flour) , soybean flour and almond flour are gluten free as well as add protein and fiber to the gluten free diet.

Top Five Gluten Free Flour
Top Five Gluten Free Flour

The 5 best Gluten free flour are:

  1. Buckwheat Flour: Called as ‘Kuttu’ in Hindi. Contrary to the name, buckwheat is completely devoid of wheat. This flour, because of its fiber content and low GI (glycemic index) not only treats celiac disease but also helpful in conditions like PCOD . Vitamins, Potassium , magnesium and iron present in buckwheat makes it a perfect alternative to Wheat flour

  2. Gram Flour: It is derived from Chickpeas. This flour adds proteins to the diet and can be added in wheat flour in different ratios depending upon the degree of gluten intolerance

  3. Quinoa: Its contains a very good quality protein quite comparable to that of a skimmed milk. Quinoa is high in iron, magnesium, calcium and dietary fiber. It is also available in flakes , pastas form

  4. Almond Flour: It’s a low carbohydrate flour with low GI. Because of its nutty flavour, its liability as a flour is very high. Also it contains good quality protein and Omega-3 Fatty acids which are helpful in keeping heart healthy

  5. Soybean Flour: Because of its highest protein quality in plant sources, soybean flour is the perfect choice when it comes to treating gluten intolerance.


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