A Dietitian's Honest Review - AndNothingElse Bars

Protein bar covered in rich flavours and you can munch them all!! Sounds heavenly, isn’t it? That’s true with the new AndNothingElse protein bars, where you get rich cocoa, peanuts, coconut and many other flavours complemented with raw protein. Now that’s quite a bargain. Isn’t it?

Is it only mouth flavoury or do it has benefits too? Let’s hear an honest review from a dietician.

AndNothingElse protein bars consist of a single bar pack with net contents weight of 52g. Each bar provides approx 253.2 kcal of energy which is nearly 1/10th of calorie requirements for a day. With 12.2 to 15 g protein, it sufficiently provides 20% of regular daily intake for proteins. With such a good amount of nutritional values, it remains one of the finest products made purely from natural ingredients.

The beauty lies in the various flavours that it comes wrapped in. Ranging from cocoa, coffee to peanuts, the bar is drenched in natural ingredients like cashews, dates, almonds and much more. These ingredients are considered to be a rich source of energy and nutrients. It doesn’t contain any artificial or added flavours and features:

  • No added sugar

  • No artificial sweeteners

  • No added colour or flavour

  • No sugar alcohol

  • No soy or gluten

  • No preservatives

The above list looks very alluring and is the base for the making of AndNothingElse bar.

Any great food is composed of natural ingredients and nothing can really match upto it. Artificial ingredients and flavours make the looks and taste good. Still, they cannot provide those rich set of nutrients that are necessary especially while you workout or exercise or are looking for weight gain. And that’s where AndNothingElse stands up.

It proudly speaks of the ingredients on the front cover. Because there is nothing to hide, good food shouldn’t only taste good rather it should also stand up to the WHO recommended nutrition values.


The nutrition part speaks for itself. Now, what about mouth-watering flavours?

The drooling flavours are the main ingredients which add taste to any food. And the bar comes in many different natural flavours. Some of them are listed here:

  • Coffee cocoa

  • Coconut cocoa

  • Double cocoa

  • Peanut butter

  • Peanut cocoa

These tasty and natural flavours are some of the packs which are available. The melting of cocoa when you take them in your mouth is mesmerising. Added with it comes the double flavour packs. You can enjoy two flavours at the same time. With upfront truth regarding the ingredients used, AndNothingElse is revolutionising the food bar industry with the taste and nutrition value. It was never about hiding any facts.

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Any food company should be able to provide value to its customers. By being upfront about the ingredients used, AndNothingElse is doing a fantastic job. The bars offer a substantial amount of energy and proteins required for a day. They are also available in different flavours to suit various tastes. Whether you prefer quantity over quality, it is all up to you. But from a healthy diet and nutritional value point of view, AndNothingElse bars surely stand onto the expectations.

Note: This are not treats. For Calorie Conscious, this can be considered a meal replacement. Atheltes, Sportsmen, Runners or People in active workout can have these bars as protein source along with vital nutrients to replenish.

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