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Top 6 Reasons why you should consult a Dietitian right away!

Optimal nutrition is necessary to support each stage of life. And this is why a common man requires a certified dietitian who can understand their body requirements and provide a diet based on that. You can Google “Dietitian Near Me” to get details of your nearest certified dietitian.

Have you thought of beginning a new healthy life and cut all those junk from your food habits? If yes, then you ought to think about preparing a diet. But wait; have you consulted a dietitian or are you doing it all by yourself?

Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal

Is it Important to Consult a Dietitian for Everybody Desiring to Get Fit?

Are you among them who prefer Googling nutrient information when it comes to dieting or eating healthy? If yes, then stop it right away! Google is not aware of your body type and how it’s going to react to any diet form.

Hence, being a health expert, I will suggest you consult a dietitian who can prepare you a diet that your body requires.

Below I have shared Top Reasons to Consult A Dietitian Near You

1. Wrong Diet While Gymming

Are you working out hard regularly to achieve the robust body you dreamt of? But do you know, your diet works parallel in this? There are several uncertified gym instructors out there; whose recommended diet plans don’t contain an adequate amount of nutrition.

Such vague advice might help you to reach your goal for a period, but as you switch back to the regular diet, you will come across issues like bloating, nausea, acidity, ulcer, etc. That is why it is recommended to consult a certified dietician to get a proper diet and fulfil your aim.

2. Suffering from Digestive Disorder or Food Sensitivity

Are acidity and uneasiness after meals taking both your appetite and favourite food away from you? Well, in that case, you might have Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis or irritable bowel syndrome.

A proper changed diet containing essential nutrients can help you get rid of the discomfort and stay healthy. And it is only possible by a certified dietitian, who will educate and provide you with the ideas to make a delicious, healthy, and nutritious meal.

3. Do You Want to Reduce the Chances of Developing Cancer?

All of us intend to stay safe and healthy, especially when it comes to fatal health issues like cancer. With time, the number of cancer-affected victims has increased massively, and it has undoubtedly scared many of us.

But don’t worry, by following your dietitian’s instructions, eating the right food, and eliminating your lousy eating habits, you can easily lower the risk of getting cancer. Also, if you are a junk addict and find it difficult to adapt to the change, your dietitian will help you find the healthiest yet scrumptious food for you.

4. Did PCOS/ PCOD Become Your Prime Enemy?

Are you also one of them suffering from irregular periods and bloating has become your best friend? Well, in many cases, obesity or being overweight is the primary cause of PCOS or PCOD.

Eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle is the only permanent cure of PCOD/ PCOS. A certified dietitian is someone who will help you to get over your polycystic ovary syndrome and normalise your hormonal imbalance.

Research says that a proper diet with adequate nutrition not only helps to improve your menstruation cycle but also reduces central obesity that might have been the culprit for your irregular chums.

5. Willing to Fight Depression or Forgetfulness

Do you often forget things or get depressed easily? Depression has now become a severe and pervasive problem among teenagers. And COVID-19 situation has worsened it further.

You might have heard your elders blaming your food habits or less eating habit as the cause of almost all your problems. But if not in all the cases, an eating disorder is one of the primary reasons for depression and lapse of memory. So, following a dietitian’s instructed diet will help you combat these issues.

6. Experiencing Fatigue and Falling Sick Often

Is laziness or fatigue feeling keeping you away from your usual healthy routine? Even after a sleep of eight hours and regular exercise, are you feeling helpless?

Well, it’s a sign that it’s not your lifestyle but the eating habit that is making you feel lethargic and fall sick very often. A proper instructed diet by a certified dietician is something you require in such a case.

Bottom Line

If you suffer through any of the issues mentioned above or other problems like infertility, or if you are trying to turn into an athlete, then remember your first call should be a certified dietitian and not yourself.

Are you anxious about how to visit a dietician in this COVID-19 pandemic? Well, don’t worry, with online appointments and sessions you can now consult a dietitian right from your home and get healthy without any risk.

Also, if you have any health-related query, do not forget to ask in the comment box below.


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