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Top 10 Ridiculous Health Myths You Most Probably Believe Were 100% True

Do you know that we all are surrounded by a ton of health-related fudge facts that have no concrete proof concerning science? A lot of things get interpreted in a wrong manner, and people seem to believe these health myths with blindfold trust.

From egg yolks are unhealthy to chocolate being bad for skin, I’m sure you might have heard all these things from someone or the other in your lifetime.

But do you follow them? If yes, then you should stop it right away! Following these myths and misconceptions can cause side effects on your body.

It’s now time to put a stop on all the alluring health myths and start finding out the facts behind it. So, as a dietician, today I am here to break down 10-ridiculous health myths which you need to stop believing right now.

  • Do You Still Believe that Eating Extra Sugar Causes Diabetes? Though it is one of the most popular beliefs, the truth is that consuming extra sugar is not the real reason for diabetes. However, eating a lot of sugar increases your weight that can, in turn, cause type-2 diabetes. Therefore, keeping an eye on your weight is the best way to reduce the risk of this disease.

  • Cholesterol Should be Completely Prohibited? No! Cholesterol is not at all bad for your health. The excessive amount of LDL cholesterol might be associated with a higher risk of heart diseases. But the HDL cholesterol is the good kind of cholesterol, which helps in keeping the LDL cholesterol level in check and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Read about The Good, The Bad and Everything you want to know about Cholesterol

  • The Fatter You are, the Unhealthier You are! Almost every one judges a person’s health by his/ her weight. However, expert dieticians burst this myth and prove that the two factors aren’t connected at all. Instead, the focus must be on genetic predisposition combined with positive health behaviours. Obese people are highly discriminated and mocked in society, which makes them suffer from more mental health issues than the physical health problems associated with being overweight.



  • Coffee Leads to Impaired Growth! Are you often told not to consume coffee as it can hinder your growth rate? Well, the caffeine present in coffee is capable of causing osteoporosis in adults and leads to fragile bones. But in the case of kids, after a lot of research, there was no conclusion stating the relation between impaired growth and coffee consumption. You only have to keep a check on the caffeine quantity while you or your kids are drinking coffee, as it can lead to high anxiety levels and disturbed sleep. Exposed: Relationship between Caffeine & Weight Loss

  • Egg Yolks are Unhealthy! This myth is ridiculous, as egg yolks are good for everyone until and unless someone is allergic to it. Egg yolks are filled with HDL cholesterol, which is highly recommended for good health. Read Why Egg is called The Complete Protein

  • Do You Stay Hungry to Get a Better Figure? Although staying hungry for long time intervals might seem like a fruitful plan to lose a lot of weight quickly, eating too less is never a good idea. It leads to malnutrition. So, you must consult a dietician who can help you choose a balanced diet according to your body to lose weight.

  • Chocolate is Bad for Skin? Chocolate is most-often considered to be the reason for acne and pimples. However, according to various studies, people who eat 10-times more chocolate than those who eat no chocolate at all, look similar concerning their skin conditions

  • Cracking Knuckles Leads to Arthritis? Well, cracking your knuckles feels relaxing after now and then; isn't it? But the problem you may face while doing so is that some people around you might get irritated from the sound of crackling. But of course, cracking knuckles will in no way cause arthritis. At most, it can result in swelling of your hands and lesser gripping ability.

  • Do You Apply Sunscreen Only when You are Outdoors? Well, this statement is pretty wrong, as according to various studies and analysis, you must apply sunblock on your exposed skin area in all weather conditions with frequent reapplications after every 2-hours.

  • Maple Syrup, Honey and Brown Sugar are Healthier Versions of Refined Sugar? In terms of minerals, Yes! But in terms of calories, No! All these unrefined sugar substitutes are similar to normal refined white sugar when it comes to calories. However, coming to the nutritional values, you can find a minute trace of calcium, iron and potassium in the unrefined ones. Therefore, you need to watch your sugar intake instead of focusing on the kind of sugar.



Bottom Line

Do you still believe in the health myths mentioned above? I hope not. Never believe any irrelevant fact without consulting with your dietitian. When you start following a wrong routine according to any myth, there are chances that things might go south. Therefore, research on everything before you believe.

If you still have any questions popping up in your head, comment them down below, I will surely help you out!


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