Top Hacks to Control Craving and Managing Weight in Festive Season

As festive season is arriving naturally it translates into a smorgasbord of sweets , snacks and a whole lot of tasty temptations. To Control these cravings and maintaining healthy weight and staying fit follow these tips and tricks and enjoy guilt free festive season:

Top Hacks & Tips to Manage Weight in Festive Diwali Time

  • Being Active - Doing some physical activity such as walking, yoga or cardio will get off the mind from food and allow good mood for mind fresh ness.

  • Snacking wisely - Opt for nuts , seeds, fruits , raw vegetables to maintain healthy weight.

  • Controlling portion sizes - Using smaller plates and reading the food labels and serving sizes will control the food as well as the hunger

  • Getting plenty of sleep - Sleep deprivation increases hunger hormone (ghrelin ) levels leading to higher calorie intake and lowers the metabolism which leads to weight gain

  • Controlling stress levels - Stress individuals have high levels of cortisol hormone which leads to weight gain and have been linked with more cravings for junk food

  • Balancing meals with good protein and fibre - Keeping the plate full with good protein and fibre reduces calorie intake as it keeps you full for longer periods and stops munching

  • Limiting desert intake - As it leads to excessive sugar consumption, a common cause of weight gain ,so focus on one and ditch the rest

  • Avoiding processed and packaged foods - These foods are high in sodium, excess sugar and unhealthy fats which deteriorates the health condition

  • Eating slowly - Chewing the food properly which boost the metabolism and helps to keep your weight in check

  • Having too much off alcohol and caffeine - These are empty calorie rich drinks which is a risk factor for weight gain without any nutrients

  • Hydrate yourself - Sipping infused water, green tea, lemon water which flush out the toxins and keep you energetic throughout the day

  • Eating before stepping out- This will keep you away from excess of calorie intake

  • Practice healthy cooking- Avoid frying instead use methods such as grilling, baking , or steaming which helps the food to retain its nutrients

While you'd try and follow the above shared tips, it's equally important that you overcome your sugar cravings which might just make your health go a little out of schedule and increase a kew kilos.

Top Tips to Overcome Sugar Craving