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Is Sugar Craving killing your Perfect Diet Plan?

"Overcome your Sugar Cravings, follow some of these simple diet tips"

Is sugar craving killing your perfect diet plan? Curbing sugar cravings is not about merely self control or will power. There are several physiological reasons which play a role in the extent and severity of the cravings. It can be due to lack of some micro-nutrients, some infection or due to lifestyle mismanagement. So here are some of the ways to tackle your cravings:

Add Nutrients – Lack of micro-nutrient like Zinc, Vit. C & particularly Vit B6 are associated with sugar cravings. B-complex are particularly responsible for modulating the production of serotonin in the body and therefore will help to calm sugar cravings. Supplementation through foods like whole grain, is thus recommended.

Handle Stress – High level of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ eventually increases the level of hunger hormones. Stressful lifestyle, lack of sleep leads to night time sugar cravings, overeating and unwanted weight gain. Take charge of your life, sleep for 7-8 hrs regularly, practice yoga and meditation to regulate cortisol level and thus sugar cravings.

Protein in every meal – Protein along with fiber stabilizes blood sugar, slows down digestion making you feel fuller for a longer period. Sugar cravings caused by spikes and dips of blood sugar level are taken care by adding protein and fiber in each meal. Try adding some nuts, eggs, beans, tofu, pro-biotic yoghurt smoothie to your meals.

Yeast free diet – Immense sugar cravings have been observed when there is an overgrowth of intestinal or systemic yeast. Since yeast lives on sugar, body demands more sugar leading to further more complications like fatigue, fuzzy thinking, bloating and other digestive issues. Eliminate breads, beer, wine completely and adopt yeast free diet.

Say No to Artificial Sweetener – Artificial sweetener may sound like a great alternative to sugar without the calories and weight gain but are found to increase sugar cravings. Artificial sweetener increases the desire for more sweetener and makes you want a sweet treat all over again. Retraining your taste buds for less sweetness is the answer to curb your cravings.

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