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Meet Jamie Alter & his Weight Loss Transformation - 7Kgs Down in 1 Month; Client's Success Story

For many of you who don't know who's is Jamie Alter, should definitely give this a read.

Jamie wears many hats - sports journalist, actor, YouTuber. Apart from being Padma Shri Awardee Late Tom Alter’s son and he was recently seen in an Amazon Prime Video’s web series Afsos.

While he was preparing for a role for a big title, he had to cut down his weight by 7-8 kgs in a month, and I was happy to help him ride through his health journey.

Knowing that he is a big foodie, cheat days were equally important as putting him on a restricted diet. Learn about his magical weight loss transformation, which included some fantastic recipes, it also required him to follow a 20-minute any workout schedule 4 days a week.

From 87 kgs to 81 kgs in a month | Watch Jamie Alter Weight Loss Transformation Here:


Share his story with your friends who need a strong fitness motivation!!

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