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Complete Guide to Cyrus Broacha Weight Loss Transformation

Do you all remember the "Bakra Guy?" Well, after long time no see, he is back to shock all of us with his new transformed look. Netizens are having quite a hard time recognising our all-time favourite TV anchor, comedian, prankster, theatre personality, podcaster, columnist, and political satirist, Cyrus Broacha.

The "Bakra Guy" is no longer fat; instead, he is now considered a fit male. The 49-years old TV personality is looking not a bit less handsome. But do you know what the secret is behind this transformation?

Cyrus Broacha Weight Loss Transformation Diet

What was the Secret Diet That Cyrus Broacha Followed for Losing Pounds of Weight?

Well, the secret behind the fitter and leaner avatar of Cyrus is no more under the shrine. He has recently revealed what he used to eat to achieve this fitness goal and maintain his diet.

There are a lot of things that he disclosed about his diet and workout routine. So, are you excited to know about those fitness hacks? Then, let's have a look behind his great weight loss transformation story.

He had never been into losing weight!

Cyrus had never liked the idea of doing yoga and cardio. The perception of weight loss did not entice him much. Instead, he loved to lift weights. He aimed to be stronger and more muscular, rather than being slim and skinny.

Cyrus' weight loss transformation wasn't intentional. The intention was just to keep a chubby yet fit body during the pandemic, but he ended up losing a few pounds as a result.

Now you must be thinking about which gym he has joined? Well, not any. Instead, he had turned his terrace into a whole gym setting with a squat rack, 350 pounds of weight, a bench, and a bar. During his quarantine period, he focused on lifting weights and working out, which helped him transform into a fitter person.

Cyrus Said a Strict No to Alcohol!

It's hard to say no to alcohol once you get habituated to it. But great decisions come with saying NO to alcohol, and Cyrus did so accurately. He shared that he used to be a heavy drinker until 2015. Cyrus, however, appears to be aware that it is doing nothing for him.

The realisation of what is healthy and what is harmful is the first step to realising what is right and what is wrong for you. And this understanding helped Broacha to stay fit and active along with his workout sessions.

A Wholesome Diet is What Cyrus Followed!

Do you know, besides exercise, how did he manage to stay fit? Well, he never said a no to food. Instead, he loved to try out a variety of foods that provided him with essential nutrients. Cyrus was not at all ready to give up his love for food. His daily diet included 18-20 eggs a day.

As he wasn't into dieting, he did not have a cheat day. But it’s hard for him to resist the potato chips and the colourful drinks that kids have. At the same time, he loves to have malai-based desserts like Shrikhand.

Cyrus was Hooked onto More Proteins

In addition to lifting weights, he consumed a lot of protein to keep his muscles strong and to serve a good metabolism. His days were protein-packed. As I have already mentioned, he ate 18-20 eggs per day.

At the same time, he included 3 protein shakes in his daily routine, which added more strength to his body and gave him better energy and calories to gear up for an activity-packed day.

The “Bakra Guy” Never Skipped a Healthy Routine-Bound Life

Do you know how Cyrus makes his diet work best for him? Well, he was into a healthy routine-bound life for a long time since 2015. Cyrus started his day at 4.45 A.M. and went for a walk with his dog. A morning walk in pure air works like magic to keep your body system healthy and give your mind some freshness.

After coming back home, he took his proteins and started working out at 6 A.M., followed by having eggs for breakfast. Cyrus completed all his work by the evening and went to bed at 10 P.M. Hence proving, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." It seems that Cyrus is searching for the best way to incorporate this poem by James Thurber into his daily routine.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is to live your life to the fullest with a healthy routine and, of course, a balanced diet. Cyrus is quite impressive in his commitment to stay fit and healthy.

So, does this secret diet behind the “Bakra Guy’s” weight loss transformation journey allure you? If yes, then why not try it out? If Cyrus can, then anyone can do it. To live a happy life, it is imperative to stay fit and healthy.

However, It was his way of losing weight which suited his lifestyle and his body. Not all bodies can accept such dietary change or show the same result.

I would always suggest you consult a dietician before beginning any diet program. In case of any queries, do not hesitate to drop a comment below.



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