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Unbelievable 21 Kgs of Weight Loss in just 4 months: Read how Bhumi Pednekar cracked the Right Diet

Bollywood has produced gems time and again. Female talents from regular households have given inspiration for the young girls out there to try their hands at the world’s largest film industry. However, one actress has not only been applauded for her acting skills but also for the physical transformation she got to suit the character. The actress is none other than Bhumi Pednekar.

Bhumi Pednekar Weight Loss Diet in 21 Kgs in 4 months

She made a debut with Dum Laga Ke Haisha playing a wife who is not accepted by her husband because she is overweight. People were delighted not only by her acting in the movie but also when she came out as a changed person with a complete makeover where she almost 21 kgs of weight in just 4 months. Wow! That stunning feat was achieved without crash dieting or shifting her room inside a gym. Bhumi Pednekar’s transformation was shared on Instagram in the year 2018 which got trending with #LoseItLikeBhumi.

Read how Bhumi Pednekar cracked the Right Diet and went under massive weight loss transformation, losing 24 Kgs in just 4 months

Bhumi wanted to give her best for the role so she decided to up her weight to 90 Kgs. But the dilemma came when she wanted to go back to normal shape. She was determined that the process had to be natural under the consultation of an approved dietician. Here’s a look at her diet plan:

Morning Diet:

  1. Start your day with warm water with lemon and honey that cleanses your system, increases metabolism, and boosts your immunity. For a change, she replaced lemon & honey water with other detox drinks like cucumber water with a mint which aided digestion and lowers the acid level in your body.

  2. Eating king-sized breakfast helped with the weight loss process by giving a primary boost in the morning and by reducing unnecessary cravings till lunchtime. Half an hour after drinking the detox water, she had 2 egg white omelets with whole wheat bread and fruit (either apple or papaya)

  3. Protein intake after the exercise was another important weight-loss diet as it helps in breaking down the fats and restore it with lean muscle mass. Over time, you become lean and fit

Afternoon Diet:

  1. Bhumi ate normal home-cooked food by cooking green vegetables or sprouts, but she replaced wheat roti with multi-grain (bajra, nachni, soya, chana). At the end of the meal, she had a bowl of homemade curd which aided with digestion.

  2. Her cheat meal to make the lunch fun included grilled chicken, hummus with cucumber, soya nuggets.

  3. To kill the craving in the mid-afternoon, she ate an apple/pear or half a papaya. These energized her with essential vitamins.

Evening Diet:

  1. She had evening snacks to reduce food intake during dinner. However, she made sure that the evening snacks are minimum calories with maximum nutrition for weight loss. This included a bowl of salad with fruits (dried berries and walnuts) topped with olive chili oil. Her cheat days include adding this salad with feta cheese or chicken chunks.

  2. Bhumi made sure that she consumed low carb dinner which aided the digestion during sleep. Her meal included stirred/steamed veggies with grilled tofu or grilled fish/chicken with a cup of brown rice.

A Big No-No:

Bhumi says “Quitting or rather reducing the intake of refined sugar was one the best decisions of my life. Refined sugar – brown or white – is nothing but the taste and empty calories. In fact, in the process to digest it, it empties your body of a lot of vitamins and minerals.

For someone like me who has a sweet tooth, staying away from meetha was tough. So I thought, why crave and deprive yourself when you have healthier options available today?”

Replace sugar with these alternatives:

  • Raw Honey: Excellent for digestion, loaded with potassium, zinc, vitamin B6, and Calcium (read Top Health Benefits of Honey)

  • Jaggery: Aids in digestion and cleanses your respiratory tract, food pipe, lungs

According to me, the key to her weight loss was a disciplined diet coupled with exercise. Although I firmly believe that the diet forms a major story of your weight loss journey.

The best part of Bhumi’s diet is it’s simple and anyone can try this. If you want a similar customized diet for you, feel free to contact me for similar transformation in your life.

Feel free to connect over Whatsapp for a personal diet consultation or book your appointment below.


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