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Egg Protein: The Complete Protein

Egg Protein & Health Benefits

There must be plenty of protein sources available for mankind, but not all are equal in terms of their protein quality. Ranking first in the biological value (BV) of protein, egg supports our body's protein needs at a very low cost of calories.

BV is a measure of the ability of protein present in food to be absorbed and utilised by the human body for protein synthesis. Since eggs contain all the essential amino acids, it is considered as a complete protein.

One medium hard boiled egg provides not only 6 gms of protein, but it is packed with riboflavin, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, D & E, iron, and zinc.

The perfect combination of essential fats and protein make eggs very satisfying thus reducing hunger pangs. Including 1-2 eggs in breakfast helps you lose weight as it boosts and stabilises your metabolism right early in the morning.

In nutshell we can say it will be wise to turn atleast ovo-vegetarian to avail various health benefits of an egg.

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