The Most Tasty Healthy Murmura (Puffed Rice) Indian Namkeen Snack You Can Make at Home

With those evening tea sessions, or with office breaks or the mid meal hunger pangs, we often hunt for something to grab and eat. While the world is moving towards being health conscious, the search for "Healthy Indian Snack" that can be prepared easily at home.

From my mother's kitchen, I bring you a very tasty healthy recipe of a snack you'd love to put your hands on!!

Roasted Hulka Phulka Murmura Dry Fruits Foxnuts Namkeen

What all you need?

  • Murmura (Puffed Rice): 3 – 3.5 cups

  • Ghee: 1 tbsp

  • Peanuts: 1/2 cup

  • Cashews: 3-4 tbsp

  • Almonds: 3-4 tbsp

  • Roasted Gram: 3 tbsp

  • Curry leaves: 1 sprig

  • Turmeric Powder: 1/2 tsp

  •  Black Pepper: As per taste

  •  Iodised Salt: As Per Taste

  •  Hing / Asafoetida – 1 pinch

  • Dry Coconut: 1 Pc

  • Raisin: 1/2 Cup

  • Foxnuts (Makhaana): 1Cup

  • Chat Masala: 1tbsp

  • Sugar: 1 tsp


  1. First dry roast or roast All Dry Fruits (Almonds, Cashew, all dry coconut pieces) in one tbsp Ghee

  2. Keep aside raisin

  3. Then in that pan roast ground nut and Foxnut(makhana) and Keep them aside

  4. Now put one tsp Ghee in pan and put hing into it add curry patta and raisins. Stir it up and put little Haldi (Turmeric) in it

  5. Add Murmura into it and roast it dry on medium heat so it can be crispy.

  6. Add all the ingredients into it and mix it.

  7. Then stir it on low heat and add salt, black salt, pepper, chat masala and 1tsp powder sugar if u want.

  8. Mix it all and keep it away to cool.

Enjoy your Hulka Phulka Healthy MurMura Namkeen.

Suggested Serving Size: 1 Cup


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