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Best Weight Loss Hacks & Fast Results Tricks that Actually Work 96.4% of the Times!!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

You could visit endless websites or read millions of advice for how best to lose weight or the best tricks to achieve fast and quick weight loss but the hacks that actually work are those that have been tried and tested. In this post I am curating a list of proven top tricks you can implement for easy weight loss result which includes the famous 5-Second Water Hack (Being searched on Quora: 10 Million Times) and many more effective hacks here:

Small, healthy tweaks can make all the difference

1. The 5-Seconds Water Hack

This 5-seconds water hack is really trending these days. This not only assures that you eat less but also avoid over eating.

  • Drinking room temperature water 10–15 minutes before and after meals. This will help you feel full sooner and longer

  • Avoid drinking water just right before, during or right after your meal as it dilutes your stomach acid which makes digestion poor and slows down the process of breaking the energy cells

  • Be sure to sip your water a little slowly and not gulp it down

  • Drink water in between meals when you start to feel hungry all throughout the day. This manages your hunger prang and makes you feel fuller

  • Juices or Aerated drinks are packed with sugars, feel like having a can of soda or a glass of juice? Have a glass of water instead

5 Seconds Water Hack

This secret 5 Second Water Hack that stops the poor cravings by curbing your appetite to reduce the desire that always makes you feel hungry or not full.

If it's winter time, here your guide to stay hydrated during winters.

2. Eat in a Smaller Plate

Yes, this hack is true! Even I have tried this at my own house which has truly changed the way we have been eating food forever. Start from taking or serving your meals in smaller platers. With lesser food on my plate, my family started feeling fuller sooner than the earlier.

Even with refills, the amount of food intake goes lesser and you tend to feel full sooner than earlier.

Remember: Smaller Plates = Smaller Portions

3. Eat in a Blue Plate

New research shows that people eat less if there is a higher contrast in colors between the plate and the food. For example, if you eat a light-colored food like pasta off of a dark blue plate, you will probably eat lesser than if you eat the pasta off of a white plate.

Eating on Blue Plat for Weight Loss

This is probably because the portion looks larger on a darker plate because it stands out more than it does on a lighter plate, where it just blends in. Hence our brain signals us being fuller quicker, making us eat lesser.

4. Never Go Grocery Shopping Empty Stomach

This hack has never failed me where I trick my brain of being full before I buy my groceries. I try it personally and it has always worked for me when i compare my husband going to buy groceries.

Just eat a bunch of almonds or nuts when you are about to go for groceries shopping. While your stomach would not shout "hungry", the brain would signal you to pick up less items on your cart, especially the food items which you eat under emotional stress. Like those chocolate cupcakes or the pudding bars.

5. Take a Break Hack

While eating out at a restaurant or ordering food at home or at dining someone's place, this trick works the best!

Take a small break between in-between while eating your meals. Go for a loo break, take a few sip of water, grab some fresh air. In a moment, your stomach will feel full already and signal you that you're done for the meal.

Take a Break Hack

While you would have eaten more, this hacks saves you from extra calories and stress of overeating later.

Planning for a party this weekend? Don't Miss: How to Avoid Overeating While You Party!

6. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Isn't it true? About your clothes which get buried under in your almirah and then you forget about them and don't wear them at all for a long time. This holds true for Food as well.

Hide all the food items you think can make you gain the weight. Hide them all, bury them deep in storage so that they are out of your sight. Use far-shelves in refrigerators to store chocolates or those puddings so that you don't see them.

Once you stop seeing them, you don't really feel the desire to eat them!

7. Go for a Walk

The most underrated, most missed, the most easy and refreshing workout is Going for a Walk. Just add a 40 mins Walk in your daily schedule. This can be at whatever time you love. Just go out and walk. This boosts metabolism, freshens up your mind and gives you a kickstart.

8. Feel Hungry

Feeling Hungry at right time along with right eating will change your meaning of life. You would notice a difference within 2-3 weeks. This would also give you a time to plan your meals and balance them out.

9. The 75:25 Rule Trick

You are What you Eat. The entire weight loss journey is basically a 75% Diet and 25% Workout formulae. 75% is what you eat and 25% is how you burn it up. The workout need not to be a heavy weightlifting or those crunches, a simple 40 minutes walk is sufficient as well.

10. Detox - Give a Break To Your Body

Ever wondered if there is any weekend for your very own cleansing organ, Liver?

Friday night bash, Saturday night party, alcohol, Pizzas , Diet Pepsi, Canned juices …. All add to the unwanted additives like colourants, preservatives, etc which our body cannot metabolise.

Over the years, these toxins gets build up in our system so much so that it starts showing on our health. Lower immunity, acne, constipation, stomach bloat, poor digestion, gas, fatigue, weight gain, excessive mucus, poor concentration, headaches, poor skin, poor memory, depression, body odor, and bad breath are some of the repercussions.

So Let's Detox! A detox can be a 1 day, 3 days, 7 days to a month program. Here is your complete guide on a perfect detox plan!!


These hacks when tried are proven to give your weight loss journey a good boost. Try these hacks and let me know which of them worked for you. Do you know of a hack, share it in comments below!!

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!!

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