How To Keep Up With The Water Intake In Winters?

Our body requires regular hydration regardless of any time of the year. Most of us think that our bodily requirement of water decreases during winters but the reality is contrary. Our body uses water in all the cells, tissues and organs to maintain and regulate all the basic functions of the body. In summers, we feel thirsty more often and thus our body receives a lot of water but in winters, the temperature drops and so our thirst for water.


It is easy to complete the 8-10 glasses of water intake in warmer months but in winters, you rarely take up 3-4 glasses of water and thus it is important to regulate the water intake.

Staying hydrated is very critical as water is an important element for our body, but on the other hand you can’t just gulp down a few glasses of water without any actual thirst.

In winters, our warm bodies feel hydrates most of the time and therefore the decreased thirst. But there are more different ways by which you can regulate the water intake in winters and stay hydrated always!

Take help from an App!

There are loads of mobile apps that can help you to keep up with your water requirements. We understand that with the busy schedule and lack of thirst, it is completely impossible to remember your water needs. The mobile application will remind to drink water after every few intervals and you can for a while even ignore your thirst but you can’t resist yourself from looking at the mobile notification!

Warm it up!

If you don’t simply want to drink water, you can actually have different options. You can have a warm soup or a cup of black or green tea in place of plain water. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have a super impressive effect on our body which includes weight loss, improved brain function and lower risk of cancer.

Soups also have a high amount of fluids and fibers in it. You can use all different vegetables of non-veg products to prepare your soup and you can actually control what kind of nutrients you want to consume.

These warm beverages will keep your throat in good condition, save you from cold and will also make sure that your water levels are always up.

Eat hydrating fruits!

Another option is to consume water rich fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, peaches, oranges, cucumber, cantaloupe, tomatoes, grapefruit, etc. These fruits can also contribute in your total water intake and keep your body hydrated. You can also try other vegetables or foods that contribute a large amount of water to your diet.

Flavor your Water

Another way to make your water fancy is by flavoring it. You can add a few pieces of your favorite fruit in the water and let it mix or you can also make your own Detox water recipes that will remove toxins from your body as well as regulate the water supply to your organs.

Don’t blindly rely on your thirst to tell you when your body needs water. Thirst changes with the change in weather but your body regularly demands the same amount of water to work out all the body systems properly.

These were few of our suggestions. You can also bring out more new ways to regulate the water intake in your body. So, if you know any other ways to get yourself drinking more water in the winters, hit the comment section and let us know!


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