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6 Quickest Easy Hacks to lose Weight before your office reopens after lockdown: UnGain Fix 95.4%

Finally, you have decided to lose that belly after binging over your favorite series and favorite food before your office reopens. Let's face it. The situation is hard for all of us; no one is blaming anyone here. Understand that it is reasonable to overeat while anxious or scared; it's natural to run towards the sources of comfort during hard times.

Here are Six tips on losing weight during quarantine that is backed by science to impress your colleagues right after the lockdown.

Weight Loss After Work from Home, Lockdown

1. Diet is the key

Your Diet contributes to 80% of weight loss; the rest 20% includes exercise. There is no point in sweating for 30 minutes and end up having a big cheesy mac.

Please consult a dietitian before following a Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Diet or any random diet from the internet by yourself which can prove to be very dangerous (Learn Why).

On a standard scale, high protein, minimal carbs, and low fat intake in calorie deficit have proven to support weight loss.

Weight Loss After Work from Home, Lockdown by Healthy Diet

2. Follow a Workout Schedule

Spot reduction is a wild goose-chase; doing hundreds of sit-ups is not going to help you lose that fat in your belly. Our body generates energy from every muscle group, even when one muscle is under stress.

Weight Loss After Work from Home, Lockdown by workout

So developing a robust full-body workout plan will be our priority. Without a scheduled workout plan, you will end up doing crunches to fuel your satisfaction.

3. Maybe just one donut?

"It is okay; you can have it.", cutting down entirely on high-calorie food can be exhausting. That one doughnut in a week during your diet is not going to make you extra 10 pounds heavier.

Think of that as a cheat meal. Also, switching to complex carbs like whole grains can minimize the cravings as they take time to digest.

Weight Loss After Work from Home, Lockdown Cheatmeal

4. Stay hydrated all-day

According to a study on water intake, water helps to regulate the heat generated in our body during a workout or a strict diet.

Drinking water before eating can reduce appetite and help in controlling the cravings.

Also, water is calorie-free, and it is the best substitute for a coke or any carbonated beverages (I know it is the worst replacement, but to lose that extra pound, you have to stop that '1L of coke a day' diet). Around 1-2 liters or 4-8 glasses per day is the standard measurement.

Weight Loss After Work from Home, Lockdown by Water Hack

Infact, This Water Hacks is one of the top rated Weight Loss Hacks,

5. One easy step – Sleep

Sleep; this may sound odd, but when you are short on sleep, you feel stressed, lack focus on decision making and impulse control. As a result, you may end up overeating and sabotage your whole diet.

A good night's sleep of 7-8 hours can help in body's recovery, and aids in faster weight loss because of this secret love affair between your Sleep and Weight.

Weight Loss After Work from Home, Lockdown by Sleeping

6. The hardest part – Consistency

Fitness is a lifestyle; you cannot achieve your goals in fitness overnight. Being consistent on your plan and following the first five steps is essential.

Until you start seeing results, it is going to be hard. One little secret, make it a habit. We have plenty of time to quickly get back to shape and wear those long-forgot favorite jeans to the office right after quarantine.


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