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Growing Up Strong: How Health and Nutrition Fuels Your Child Growth #63PercentMoreProtein

Updated: Jun 6

Hi everyone, Ankita Gupta Sehgal here! As a dietitian for the past 15 years, I've seen countless children walk through my doors, each one a bundle of boundless energy and limitless potential. But what truly fuels that potential? You guessed it – health and nutrition.

Think about it this way. Imagine your child's body as a magnificent building under construction. Every bone, every muscle, and every brain cell is being meticulously crafted. To ensure this construction goes smoothly, we need the right raw materials – Good Health and Right Nutrition for Child Growth

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Protein: The Building Blocks of Growth 1

One of the most crucial nutrients for a growing child is protein. It's the building block of life, literally! Protein is essential for building strong bones and muscles, repairing tissues, and even supporting the development of a healthy brain and nervous system.

Now, I see a lot of parents concerned about their children's growth. Maybe your little one seems a bit smaller than their peers, or maybe they tire easily during playtime. This could be a sign that they're not getting enough protein in their diet.

The Power of Complete Protein Sources 2

Here's the thing: not all protein sources are created equal. While many foods contain protein, some offer a more complete package. Milk protein, for instance, is a high-quality, complete protein source, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids the body can't produce on its own.

There are fantastic options that you can make at home too! Here are a few ideas:

  • Dal and Rice: A classic Indian combination, dal (lentils) and rice offer a complete protein source when eaten together. Packed with protein and fibre, this dish is a budget-friendly and nutritious staple.

  • Sattu: This protein powerhouse made from roasted gram flour is a hidden gem. Sattu can be easily incorporated into your child's diet as a porridge, a filling drink, or even ladoos (sweet balls).

  • Eggs: A complete protein source and a great source of choline, essential for brain development, eggs are a versatile and affordable option.

  • Chicken and Fish: Lean meats and fish are excellent sources of protein, iron, and other vital nutrients.

A Story from My Practice

I remember a young boy named Rohan who came to me a few years ago. He was a bright and active child, but his parents were worried about his growth. He wasn't gaining weight as well as other kids his age, and he seemed to lack stamina.

After reviewing his diet, I found it was low in protein. We incorporated more protein-rich foods like lentils and chicken, but Rohan wasn't a huge fan of those. His mother told me that he had stopped drinking milk complaining that he did not like the taste. That's when I suggested adding Complan to his glass of milk.

Complan has 34 essential nutrients including 100% milk protein with 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks. It can be a helpful option, especially for adding flavours to your child’s milk.

Beyond Protein: A Balanced Approach to Health and Nutrition for child Growth 3

Of course, protein is just one piece of the puzzle.  A balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats is essential for a child's overall health and nutrition.

Here's the good news: Complan isn't just about protein. It's scientifically designed with a blend of 34 essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals that support a child's overall growth It supports 2x faster growth and supports memory and concentration.

Remember, every child is unique, and their nutritional needs will vary. It's always best to consult with a paediatrician or registered dietitian to create a personalised plan for your child. But one thing's for sure: prioritising health and nutrition is the best investment you can make in your child's future.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views of solely the writer. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Complan.


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