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Why "Dipping Mango in Water" is the Best Grandma's Advice Ever?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Imagine the blazing heat of summer, being in grandparents house, a big stack of juicy, delicious mangoes heaped up in the kitchen, even thinking about it makes our mouth water, right?

But have you ever wondered why grandma always dips or advises us to soak the mangoes in water before eating it? Well, it turns out there is a big life lesson behind it; with all the Nutritional, Ayurvedic and scientific reasons.

Nutritional Ayurvedic and Scientific Benefits of Soaking Mangoes in Water

Mangoes are luscious fruit that belongs to the family Anacardiaceae (cashew). It has various health benefits such as boosting immunity, aiding in digestion, improving eye, skin, hair, and gut health.

There are Nutritional, Ayurvedic and Scientific reasons behind soaking mangoes in water before you eat them up, exactly what advice our grandma and mothers used to give.

Biggest Nutritional Reason

Mangoes contain a natural molecule known as phytic acid, which is also present in many nuts. The age old mantra of soaking mangoes in water helps in leaching out the excess phytic acid (or Phytates) which can also generate heat in body if consumed in access.

Mangoes are perfectly okay to be consumed by Diabetic or Weight Watchers as it does not do any harm. Moreover it's rich in Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene and Fibre.

Ayurvedic Benefits

Mango is the Ayurvedic king of fruits, as it is both used in ayurvedic healing and regular cooking purposes in Indian culture. The mangoes generate heat in the body, and consuming it on large quantities can cause an imbalance in the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), mainly Pitta.

The doshas are the biological energy components that govern all the physical and psychological process of every living being on earth. Pitta regulates the major emotional part of a human being and provides the necessary heat for digestion purposes.

Regulating Pitta,

  1. With a balanced Pitta, you will be happy, courageous, intellectual, and motivated to push forward in life in any situation without health issues.

  2. When the balanced Pitta turns into an irritated (Imbalanced) Pitta, the individual expresses emotional stress, raging, and gets angry on everyone, even on life itself.

  3. The imbalance in body heat regulation and improper breaking down of food substances causes the temperature to rise, resulting in infections, fever, ulcers, and heartburn.

  4. Following habits like alcohol, smoking cigarettes, overstressing can cause Pitta imbalance.

  5. Eating Pitta-balanced food, meditating, exercising, and being calm can improve Pitta.

Mangoes are such types of fruits that aggravate the imbalance in Pitta, according to Ayurveda. So soaking it in water reduces its thermogenic property and helps in balancing Pitta and other doshas as well.

Scientific Reasoning

Dipping mangoes in water;

  1. To remove dirt, pesticides, insecticides, and unwanted chemicals covering the skin of the mango. These may potentially cause cancer cell growth.

  2. To remove the milky sap that drips from the stem. The fluid contains anti-nutrient phytic acid that disturbs the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

  3. Mangoes usually raise the temperature of the body, producing thermogenesis. So soaking it in water for half an hour reduces their thermogenic property.

  4. It prevents reactions like acne, pimples, constipation, headaches, and gut-related problems caused due to its thermogenic properties.

  5. Phytochemicals are potent in mangoes, soaking reduces their concentration, and they act as natural fat busters.

Grandma's advice on dipping the mangoes in water is a life lesson that getting angry, and excessive stressing can disturb the energy cycle, which leads to various health issues and jam between relationships. To achieve a life of substantial health and fulfillment, start with dipping a mango in water before eating.

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So what was your story about your special grandmother’s secret advice? Feel free to share in the comments below.




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