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Walk - The Most Underrated Workout: and Top 3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Walk

Like many others, do you even presume walking as a waste of time? Do you think that it doesn’t qualify as a perfect weight loss workout in your activity list? If yes, then you are highly mistaken! What makes Walk the most underrated workout? Why Everyone Should Walk and What are the Top Benefits of Walking?

When it comes to exercise, everybody imagines of those heavy weight lifting, rigorous high-intensity training workouts. Well, the truth is that such forms of exercise might not be suitable for everyone depending upon their schedule and body types. But a mere two hours of walking each day can benefit you as much as one and a half-hour of vigorous activity.

So, even though walking is regarded as the most underrated workout, it can improve your blood pressure, mood swings, and protect you from cardiovascular diseases as well.

Three Major Reasons Why You Should Walk and Top Benefits That makes Walking the Best Workout

It is quite apparent that most of us have become lazy and find difficulties to move out from our couch in this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. But it is the right time when you can reshape yourself and enter your active lifestyle again.

However, it is tough to get the motivation to start with a heavy and rigorous workout after such a prolonged break. And that is why you can start walking and get the same benefits without much hassle.

Below I have pointed out the three primary reasons that will undoubtedly motivate and encourage you to get up, start walking and become fit.

1. Boost Up Your Heart and Mind Health

Have you ever pondered on how important your heart & mind is? If yes, then did you ever think of taking special care of them? Well, walking might seem to be a light form of exercise and doesn’t cause much sweat, but it has excellent efficiency in keeping your heart healthy.

If you are one among them who prefers to take a walk regularly, then congratulations! You have been successfully safeguarding yourself from diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. Also, walking reduces stress and makes us happier by releasing endorphins in the body. This hormone helps to keep us positive and works as anti-depressants.

2. Who Doesn’t Like to Work Less and Burn Extra Calories?

Well, almost all of us would prefer to do so. By increasing your speed of walking, you can essentially burn off more calories without working your heart out.

Once you start walking and eventually get habituated to it, then you can increase your speed steadily. As you boost up your speed from slow to fast, then faster, and then to slower again, you tend to burn up to 20% more calories.

In fact, following this step can increase your regular walking speed by approximately 8%. But make sure not to change your walking speed very often, instead upsurge the level slowly and steadily.

3. Increase Your Bones and Brain Strength at the Same Time While you Walk

Are you also someone who is still young but suffering from arthritis or joint issues? If yes, then it’s a signal of your body, highlighting you the need to include more activities in your life. Nowadays, people like to get everything in their clutch without stepping out from their comfort zone. But that is when all the problems start to accrue.

Only by walking 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, you can get rid of all those joint pains. Studies show that walking strengthens your bones, reduces fracture pain, spine shrinkage, and avoids osteoporosis. At the same time, it augments your concentration power and focus, which result in better performance in your studies or official corporate work.

Helpful Tip: Put Some Nuts in your Pocket While yo go out for a walk and munch them as treat when you hit your targets. Read Why These nuts like Almonds, Walnuts, etc are very beneficial for our health.

End Words

So, are you amazed to know all such unknown facts about walking? And While you now know , Why Everyone Should Walk and Walk Top Benefits of Walking, Make walking a daily habit, and I assure you that you would continue it for your entire lifetime, even in your 60s or 70s.

Also, if you find it difficult to take out 1-2 hours from your hectic schedule, then you can merely walk to your nearby stores or malls instead of travelling through cabs. What say, isn’t it a good idea to start with this healthy habit? Feel free to share your views in the comment box below.


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