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Top Health Benefits of Right Eating Habits

"How you eat is just as important as what you eat"

There are findings which shows that excess weight is caused not just by what one eats but by how one is eating- carelessly or compulsively , on the run instead of sitting down, erratic meal timings instead of at regular hours. Most overweight people are the victims of conditioning- bad habits that have been unconsciously built into their bodies over time. Every body has the intelligence to know the right amount to eat, hunger reflex to tell us when our bodies want food and vice versa.

Right Eating Habits Health Benefits

Those who have lost these instincts should follow the following tips to return to conscious eating guided by the body's inner intelligence. Do Remember: 1. Always sit and eat in a settled atmosphere 2. Don't do emotional eating i.e. Never eat when you are bored, angry or sad 3. Avoid ice cold food and drink 4. Prefer well cooked food over raw, hot over cold, fresh over processed. 5. Never involve in negative talks while eating

Ever wondered why despite of the increasing awareness about health and fitness, with health clubs at every corner of the city, there is increasing plethora of diseases mainly obesity and its implications like diabetes, hypertension, insulin insensitivity etc. The answer might lie in the fact that in-spite of all the awareness, people are still hooked on to processed foods like breads, pasta, ready to eat foods, packaged juices and many more. This is probably because of the lack of time, increasing pressures to meet deadlines etc that people find it convenient to grab ready to eat foods.

A lot of processed foods are termed as White foods, click here to know the Black Truth of the White Foods, I am sure you'll be shocked to read this truth.


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