The Secret Diet You Didn't Know Behind British Singer Adele's Weight Loss Transformation

Updated: Jun 18

Everything you want to know about Adele Singer Weight Loss Secret Transformation Diet.

Our Oscar awardee British singer Adele took the world by surprise where she became a ravelling inspiration for all the chubby people planning for weight loss. Yes, that’s right to the point. On her 32nd birthday, she ravaged the limelight by her amazing Weight Loss Transformation.

With her blonde hair flowing freely and a perfect background, she did a photo-shoot (6th May) in which she looked exquisite & quite thinner than before. The weight loss seemed very impressive and was approximated to be around 50 pounds (22 Kgs). That was a wonderful news for all the fitness freaks and people planning for weight loss with so much weight loss in a short time. The ‘Hello’ girl is thought to have changed her lifestyle, which majorly includes her diet plan transformation. Even her former instructor Camila Goods confirmed this to The Sun in an interview.

Let’s delve deeper into the ‘Sirtfood Diet’ which proved to be the secret recipe for her resplendent body transformation.

Sirtfood concept began in 2016 and mainly works by stimulating the body biological proteins called sirtuins. These sirtuins are a key player in the regulation and maintenance of homeostasis. They are also helpful in treating ageing-related diseases.

That means it can also make you look younger. Now that is a sure bargain. Weight loss, along with looking more youthful. So what’s in the diet?

Before beginning on the diet part, we would like to focus your attention to the fact that weight loss is not solely possible through workouts only. It involves deep-diving into right eating, adapting healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle migration.

Sirt foods are considered to be the naturally healthy foods that have the unique ability to trigger the magical sirtuin proteins in our body. Some of these foods include:

  • Green Tea

  • Kale

  • Blueberries

  • Apples

  • Turmeric

  • Capers

  • Citrus Fruits

  • Parsley

  • Red Wine

How did she achieve this?

Adele’s diet was strictly planned by a qualified dietitian and had two phases. The first phase was a little tough and included restricting the daily calorie intake to 1000 kilocalories per day for three consecutive days. It is achieved by eating Sirt foods. For the next four days of the week, the calorie intake was increased to 1500 kcal. There is significant use of drinks made from the above sirt foods for keeping you well hydrated during such a demanding schedule.

The next phase started with a 14 days plan, which is all about maintenance and the point where you can feel the weight loss. Whoa, so we are finally there!!

The listed sirt foods can also be used to make delicious recipes.

So you don’t feel the monotonous food is boring. You can make Matcha with vanilla, Turmeric tea, Italian kale, Chicken, broccoli & beetroot salad and much more. The names are fascinating, and so are the foods. Moreover, you get health, weight loss and younger looks in these diets—a completely logical approach to a more healthy life.

Sirt foods diet have become a new trend for achieving an effective weight loss regime which is also complemented by the regular exercise and healthy lifestyle. Adele has again motivated her loyal fans and people around the world apart from her songful voice about reaching a healthy state of body and mind through dedication and rich, healthy food.

Infact, there is another successful Bollywood & TV Actor whose weight loss transformation has been making social universe go mad!! What Ram Kapoor followed was a secret diet with which he managed to lose 30 Kilos. Read full story here!!

Pic Credit: RamKapoor's Instagram Handle & Adele's Instagram Handle

Warning: Please note that any diet these celebrities follow or others follow are often planned by a qualified certified Nutritionist or a Dietitian and one should not try these on their own. Each body is different and so it their body requirements. One can get into really harmful side-effects by following any random diet plans with a guidance.

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