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The Secret Diet behind Milind Soman Health that makes him so fit even at 60!

Staying fit by only going to the gym, this is your misconception. You can stay fit in many ways and your age will never be an obstacle in staying fit.

The Secret Diet behind Milind Soman health that makes him so fit even at 60!

Staying fit by only going to the gym is just your misconception. Your workouts only contribute to 20% of your healthy lifestyle, rest 80% is what you eat, how you eat and when you eat! with this 80:20 Lifestyle, your age will never be an obstacle in staying fit.

Model and actor Milind Soman, who was once a controversial model is known for his fitness these days. If you know the secret of his fitness, 60-year-old Milind Soman, who won the title of Ironman after winning the Zurich Triathlon and Ultra Ethan, knows that the gap between fitness and you is near the end. Million met the 520 Km goal in Florida in 3 days and thus won the Ultraathon Competition.

Would you believe that Milind has been away from the Gym from last 16 years and he has only been following a great diet and home workouts like Yoga, Push-ups, Pull-ups etc?

According to him, running is the most essential for fitness which has now become a part of his life. He runs four days a week and he affirms that instead of sitting, if we make a habit of staying active, then we can always be fit.

Milind says that learn to fight yourself, then everything will be easy. According to him, quitting chocolates and smoke was his biggest challenge. At one point time, he used to smoke thirty cigarettes a day and his refrigerator was loaded with Chocolates, but one day, he decided to water out both the things. And yes he did it!

Diet followed by Milind Soman:

Milind starts his days by eating nuts. He says almonds are pre-breakfast snacks for years, and now as they are a great source of essential nutrients like, Vitamin E and protein which are good for health. He does not consume any type of steroids or supplements. Nutritious food is always a preference for Milind.

In breakfast he takes two masala dosa, fruits, and milk or sometimes muesli and porridge along with soy milk. He prefers lunch that is not too heavy like bread, lentils, vegetables and yogurt. He eats roti, vegetable, pulses in dinner and completely  avoids non-vegetarian food if dining after sunset, as proteins takes time to digest.

According to Milind, Discipline is necessary and one needs to understand his own body. Learning What works for your body and what doesn't makes all the difference. He suggests leaving refined things and avoiding sugar completely instead, using jaggery and honey instead. He suggests to avoid filling stomach in one go but eat little by little in intervals. He prefer eating his food before the sun set. He avoids packaged, over-processed, and chemical food. He always stays away from junks.

Workout Routine followed by Milind Soman

He has no specific exercise routine, he runs whenever he can and for as much time possible. He prefers body-weight exercise daily and challenges himself by learning new movements every day. He believes in active mindfully than working for 1-2 hours per day for overall fitness.

Most people only resort to the gym to keep themselves fit but the key to healthy living and fitness lies in Right Eating. But due to lack of time in this part – filled life, it is not possible for everyone to go to the gym and exercise but what can be easily managed is your diet.

Good Eating Habits are really important for you to lead a healthy happy life. A nutritious diet also plays an important role in fitness.

Particular intake of food plays a very important role in fitness. To achieve a range of benefits, tailor your diet plan according to your fitness goals. The concept of nutrition can be second nature to an experienced bodybuilder or someone who does vigorous exercise. However, the term “healthy diet” can be intimidating for novices in the fitness world. Also, important is to understand that why following trending diets or skipping meals without a proper guidance can really harm you bad!

Proper Sleep is an Essential

Sleep habits are not just essential to maintain your health but also extremely important to get results from your regular workout sessions. For me, getting the right amount of sleep is my number one priority. In today's world where we have so many screens around us, many find it difficult to let go, switch off and sleep. But it's very important to build this discipline in your lifestyle and give your mind and body the rest they require, to be able to perform to their best potential," says the fitness enthusiast.

Who will help you?

In last 12 years, I have helped over 10000+ people and advise them what to eat, moving them a healthy lifestyle, and achieving their health-related goals. I outline both short and long term strategies to improve your health and fitness. Listed as one of the best dietitians in Delhi NCR, I am certified dietitian to give you the best diet plans suiting your lifestyle, feel free to reach out to be over Whatsapp for a personal chat! You can also book your session online.

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