Have it for a healthy Gut, Here is all you want to know about Kanji!

Kaanji is a fermented drink made for the festivals specially on Holi. It is made up with water,black carrots,mustard seeds and beetroot. It's a flavorful drink which is very good for digestion.

Normally it's our mothers who used to make kaanji at home, hence I am bringing you the same recipe directly from Home Kitchen.

Kanji takes around 3 days to be made properly, we have to keep the kanji jar in proper sunlight to make it ready to drink after natural fermentization.

Kaanji made up of carrots is a nutritional Hero of this drink. It also keeps you away from heat strokes and gives you instant relief from the scorching heat.

Recipe Source: Delish Recipe

Ingredients -

  1. Black Carrot - 5 to 6  Large

  2. Salt - 4 tbsp

  3. Red chili powder Coarse - 1 1/2 tbsp (Buy: Amazon Pantry)

  4. Mustard powder coarse - 4 tbsp (Buy: Amazon Pantry)

Method -

  1. Scrub the carrots and wash them with running water.Peel and cut into batons .

  2. Take carrot batons in a bowl or jar.Add salt,coarse red chili powder,mustard powder and mix.

  3. Add around 20 cups of water and stir.

  4. Cover the jar with the muslin cloth and tie it around the rim and let it stand in the sun for 3 to 4 days.

  5. After 3 days stir the kanji again and keep it in refrigerator and enjoy every sip of it. 

Health Benefits

In North India, deep purple colored carrot is fermented along with crushed mustard seed, hot chili powder and salt for a few days to get a popular drink called Kanji, which is considered to have high nutritional value and cooling and soothing properties.  According to the Indian Journal of Microbiology, lactic acid bacteria (LAB) aka probiotics play an important role in the fermentation of vegetables to improve nutritive value, palatability, acceptability, microbial quality and its shelf life. It keeps your Gut Healthy, Keeps your fit and going through the Winter Fall Season.

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