Five Awesome Ways To Have Quinoa Seeds

How often do you feel that it is the same kind of food which you have (more or less) daily? Do you want to add a healthy yet delicious angle to your regular cuisines and make them refreshingly new? Are you looking forward to try it right here and now?

If yes, is your answer, then you are probably missing Quinoa, in your diet, up till now.

Well, it is not just an ordinary grain, but packed with a lot of nutrients and has tasty nutty flavour.

Let’s take a look at the 5 awesome ways to have Quinoa and make your dishes power packed: Substitute oatmeal for Quinoa Are you too tired to cook? Well, considering the fast paced life, even if you have little time to cook dishes, Quinoa offers a welcome respite for you to be substituted for oats. YES! you can quickly boil it. We know the kind of “packed nutrients”, this grain is synonymous with, and you can increase the flavour along with the health aspect by pairing with nuts, fruits, seeds, dry fruits etc. Quinoa in a Burger It works really well, to be creative in little things you do. Likewise, when it comes to the aspect of your health, if your creativity ensures greater “health aspect”, then it is possibly the best gift, you can give to yourself.

So much so, like if you are having a veg burger, just for the taste of it, or you are indeed a vegetarian, then use Quinoa. It perfectly combines with beans, legumes and sweet potatoes. You will indeed relish the taste with each and every single bite Quinoa in soups You have a double delight, when you know that besides keeping good care of your health, you are also enjoying the “tasty” eatables. Yes, it is a human instinct. Likewise, you can give an additional healthy taste to your vegetable or chicken soup by adding quinoa. Use quinoa instead of Rice How about giving your dishes a fresh twist with an interesting angle like never before? Yes, I am talking about how substituting your “Pulao” or “Fried” rice with protein rich Quinoa will just help you attain that. Ensure Quinoa in your salads The sight of salad with its freshly cut tomato, onions, and cucumbers get enough attraction which it deserves. Do you also know that you can make this healthy dish even more healthier? Yes, I am talking about how you can sprinkle Quinoa on the salad and attain that phase with getting requisite nutrition. All you have to do is to mix them in a cooked spoonful quinoa

#OFFER: Not able to find Quinoa near your place? Don't Worry, I've got a great offer for you from Amazon Pantry, get great discount on online order!! Final Thoughts Finally, this is how you will gain an altogether different approach to the same set of dishes which you may have been having up till now. Doesn’t it offer an interesting, welcoming and importantly healthier change?

Share your views or any other interesting way you know to include Quinoa Seeds in your meals and we will feature in your recipe on our blog!

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