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Why Should I Lose Weight? Top Reasons Why Weight Loss is so important.

Most of the people across the globe believe that carrying those extra kilos won't actually affect their health. A common notion of being "Healthier" surpasses realization of being fat or obese.

Far from reality is that even those extra kilos can disturb almost 20 years of your lifespan. Fortunately losing a few kilos towards being fit will give a good boost your life.

Here are a few reasons to keep you motivated, Why you should actually lose weight:

Weight Loss Reduces Cancer Risk

Overweight Women are at a much higher risk of getting affected with endometrial cancer as well as breast cancer. Body fat produces estrogen - a hormone linked to both diseases. Similarly, Leptin, a hormone associated with weight gain, enhanced the proliferation of both normal and cancerous breast cells.

Weight Loss Makes Your Mind Sharp

There are researches, which tells that people with the fattest arms at ages 40 to 45 were 59 percent more likely to have dementia later in life.

Obese people, particularly those with large stomach fat at their midlife, are at 260% more chances to develop dementia. And the bigger the belly the greater the risk, perhaps because of hormones or inflammatory factors produced by the abdominal fat itself.

Dimentia is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning. (Definition Source: Google)

Recovery from Illness

Obese women have a higher risk of complications from ageing illness and women issues. They also appear to be less likely than normal-weight women to get the full benefit of pre-surgery chemotherapy, possibly because doctors—worried about toxicity—tend to give overweight women smaller doses than they really need of whatever medication they are taking.

Weight Loss Makes Your Heart Feel Safer

The bigger you are the more likely you are to suffer a heart attack earlier in life—12 years sooner for the most obese. And overweight people are more likely to have diabetes and high cholesterol. Eat heart-healthy fare like dark leafy greens and unsalted nuts.

Weight Loss Fights Depression

About 10% of the world's Obese population are depressed and 25% of people with BMI higher than 35 carry and pass on depression to others. In another study, researchers found a 25 percent increase in the risk of developing mood disorders among the obese. The stigma of being overweight plus limited physical activity could contribute to depression, researchers say.

Weight Loss & Excercise Are Fun Together

Obese people find it tougher to exercise and often complain about pain and aches. But consistent workouts help you lose weight which makes the same exercises easy and fun to do. Often with results you further get motivated to continue with same schedule for longer time. Go slow to build strength and fitness gradually.

Weight Loss Protects Organs

Being overweight increases the risk of organ failures by three times, including Liver, Kidneys, Heart etc. Similarly, higher BMI increases chances of Gallbladder failure. To keep these vital organs, stay away from sodas or sparkling waters. Choose Lime Water or Fruit Waters instead.

Saves You Money

Overweight people spend more on healthcare, insurance premiums, medical facilities and medicines. Lose weight and try to be on lower BMI.

Weight Loss Makes You Breathe Better

Studies have proved that obesity can leads to breathing problems and the most common ailment being Asthma. Increasing Vitamin D intake in your body helps you have better functioning of lungs. Also, if you're overweight you tend to snore more.

If these reasons still don't motivate you, then you must start seeing a doctor soon. Small changes in your lifestyle can bring huge difference in the quality of life you live today, tomorrow and in future.

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