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Recipe: Figs Milk Shake

A delicious creamy milk shake recipe, fig and honey milk shake is lip smacking and yet so healthy. The delectable milk shake is flavoured with dried figs , sweetened by honey and made creamier with fresh cream and ice cream . A perfect cooling and nutrient dense beverage option, especially for children.

Figs Milk Shake Recipe

"Fig and Honey Milk Shake Recipe - How to make Fig and Honey Milk Shake"

Preparation Time: 5 min


10 to 12 dried figs (anjeer) 4 to 5 tbsp honey 1 ltr milk 10 tbsp Low Fat vanilla ice-cream


Soak the figs in hot water for about one hour and then chop them into very small pieces.

Mix figs ,honey, icecream and milk and blend.

Churn well so that there are no pieces.

Pour the shake into tall glass and serve chilled.

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