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Top Foods that will help you get rid of Acne, once and for all!

Hindustan Unilever recently let go of the “Fair” word from its legendary product “Fair & Lovely” that made Indians wanting to go fair by taking care of their skin. Teen and adolescents start worrying about their skin because of much deeper problems than having glowing skin.

Getting Rid of Acne is a very common problem. ‘Acne Vulgaris’ as it is known formally, is also found amongst the adults due to stress and lifestyle problems.

What is Acne or Acne Vulgaris?

Acne affects almost up to 80% of the people between 11-30 years of age. It occurs during and immediately after the puberty.

Acne most often occurs on your body parts which have oil-producing glands like face, shoulder, neck, back. The reason for occurrence is simply due to the fact that during puberty, the hormonal changes trigger out excess oil.

This excess oil along with dead skin and bacteria forms the reason for Acne’s growth.

Proper skin treatment from a Dermatologist can solve your problem, although half of your battle will be won if your diet is in synch with the hormonal changes and its effects.

Diet to control Acne - Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal

How Can My Diet Help to Overcome Acne Symptoms?

Research has proved that consuming certain food types can help overcome acne symptoms. A low glycemic diet coupled with high protein not only helps in the reduction of acne but also prevent it from re-occurring.

It also helps improve your lifestyle, keeping your weight in check.

You just need to follow the rule of 5 to get Rid of Acne forever !

Keep a check that your food contains these five nutritional content:
  1. Anti-oxidants

  2. Omega-3 Fatty acids

  3. Vitamin A

  4. Vitamin E

  5. Zinc

Given below are Top Foods which will help you get Rid of Acne, heal your skin and build up anti-acne mechanism:

Citric Fruits

Citric fruits like lemon when included in your diet with its peel can help with increasing collagen production, blocking free radicals, lightening acne scars.

For radiating skin, you can squeeze a lemon in warm water and consume it early morning on empty stomach.

Also, try to include oranges in your daily diet, it functions as natural astringent which has skin tightening qualities

Spinach & Fenugreek


Sweet Potato





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