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The Bitter Side of Artificial Sweeteners

Effects of Switching to Artificial Sweeteners, disastrous change in Lifestyle!

Our increasing desire for sweetness minus calories may be interfering with our ability to judge right. As we say there is no free lunch, similarly there is nothing that we can consume without a cost. The cost can be in the form of excess fat, calories , proteins, water etc. So believing that sugar free substitutes does not cost us anything would not be wise.

As the name suggests Artificial Sweetener, there is definitely something artificial which exist to nurture our sweet tooth, not our bodies. Also every sweetener have been set with their acceptable daily intakes, which when exceeded can cause health issues.

When it comes to lose weight, everyone tries to look for a magic bullet to help us shed off the excess weight without making any significant change in our lifestyle. For example, looking for fat burners, weight loss pills, and the very common sugar replacers artificial sweeteners. From a teenage to elderly, everyone is switching to artificial sweetener from sugar to get the same sweetness without the offending calories. In my own personal experience, I have met so many teenagers especially girls getting on to mindless use of artificial sweetener. Be it their morning cup of coffee to their gajar ka halwa, they want it all, but without the calories.

They believe that artificial sweeteners make a dish less in calories and forget about the other ingredients (for example, desi ghee in gajar halwa), adding to calories and eat mindlessly thus failing the purpose of using the sweetener.

But does anyone think that the body can be fooled so easily?? The answer is NO, which is why, despite a plethora of low calorie foods and drink, people are heavier than ever.

The possible reason for the relationship between artificial sweeteners and weight gain can be sensory training. Artificial sweeteners are hundreds to thousands times sweeter than sugar.

It has been found that repeated exposure to a flavor trains flavor preferences. Our taste buds get used to a particular flavor when we make changes in our diet. When people cut back on their salt intake, there will be preference for lower levels of salt in their diets after few weeks.

Someone used to skim milk can tell how strong whole milk is for them. Similarly, this is true for sugars as well. Artificial sweeteners are put in place of sugars, so one never gets the chance to get used to consuming less of that taste.

So this means that one should ditch artificial sweeteners and welcome sugar back in their life. The answer is NO.

Rather cut back the amount the sugar used, train your taste buds and stay aware of what and how much you are eating and balance the energy intake and expenditure in a day.

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About Dt. Ankita Gupta Sehgal, She is one of the leading dietitian in Delhi, operating from Rajouri Garden, West Delhi. She has 9 years of experience in helping her clients achieve their health goals like weight loss, weight gain, meal management, High Cholesterol Control, High Blood Sugar, Pre & Post Pregnancy Diet and PCOD/PCOS Diet Corrections. She believes in providing diet straight from home kitchen and doesn't makes you eat any artificial aftermarket supplements. She is one of the best dietitian in Delhi. Feel Free to Book Your Appointment Online or Call her at +91-9873974659 today.

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