What causes PCOD and what are best Natural Diet remedies to cure it?

Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) is a prevalent condition in women that affects how a woman's ovaries work. A woman suffering from this syndrome produces higher-than-normal amounts of male hormones. A lot of women go for ovarian drilling to get the Polycystic Ovaries removed without asking the question of how they got it in the first place. Well, removing the ovaries will not solve the problem to fullest, they might grow back. Our lifestyle is mainly responsible for all our health problems, so, until when we make changes in our lifestyle we can not get rid of them.

Do you know that you can reverse the PCOD symptoms? Yes, it's possible by understanding the causes of PCOD and modifying your lifestyle a bit to avoid these triggers. There are three major causes of this syndrome:

  • Heredity or Genetic factor: PCOD usually runs in families. There are some genes that you get from your parents and PCOD is one of them. So, if your mother, aunt or even sister is suffering from PCOD, there are high chances you can also be. But it is not necessary that you will develop this syndrome if it is present in your genes. You may have the PCOD tendency in your genetics, but if you're living a healthy lifestyle that does not promote inflammation, stress and you follow good food habits, you will not develop PCOD.

  • Stress: Stress is the primary cause of many health problems. Mental stress can directly or indirectly create metabolic and hormonal imbalances that can cause PCOD. Meditation and breathing exercises can help a lot in reducing stress as well as the symptoms of PCOD.

  • Insulin resistance: Insulin resistance is indirectly linked to the development of PCOD in women. It is a condition which results in increased blood sugar and obesity and causes an imbalance in hormonal levels, especially androgen levels. Insulin resistance is the leading cause of PCOD.  Women who eat very high levels of sugars and starches without any exercises can develop PCOD. So, reducing the carbohydrates especially the starchy carbs make a huge difference in whether or not you will develop PCOD.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is responsible for almost 70% of infertility issues in women. As the real cause of this syndrome is still unknown, it is very difficult to cure it. There are some proven home remedies which make the desired changes in your diet and lifestyle and helps in avoiding PCOD. Some of these home remedies control the major factors of PCOD while others aim at eliminating the symptoms. Let’s take a look at these remedies.

  1. Flax seeds: Flax seeds are rich in linens that contain estrogen. Two tablespoons of ground flax seeds in a glass of water daily on an empty stomach can help eliminate all the symptoms of PCOD from your life. (Buy Online)

  2. Fenugreek seeds: Fenugreek is a potent remedy to reduce the symptoms of PCOD. It promotes glucose metabolism that in turn helps in regulating the hormones in your body. Soak three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in warm water overnight and have the water before each meal. (Buy Online)

  3. Shatavari: Shatavari is considered to one the supreme women's tonic and is used as a natural regulator. Shatavari is a magical drug for women of all ages. Know more about Shatavari in our detailed blog here

  4. Chinese Cinnamon: High insulin level is a major causative factor in the development of PCOD. Chinese Cinnamon is proved to normalise insulin levels in women. Add one teaspoon of organic cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water. Drink one glass of this daily to prevent PCOD. (Buy Online)

  5. Triphala: Triphala is a very famous Indian ayurvedic formulation that helps in detoxifying the body and also helps in preventing the symptoms of PCOD. A glass of warm water mixed with a tablespoon of Triphala powder daily will do all the benefits to remove PCOD. (Buy Online)

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There are a huge number of women who are going through this syndrome and are fighting back bravely. If you’re one of them and facing the symptoms of PCOD, try these remedies and see the results for yourself.

If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments section below!


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