How to give your Children extra Iron in Diet: 5 Easy Delicious Ways

Over the years, I have known the facts about what kind of food is good for different people but as a mother, I am mindful as to what goes in the tummy of my child. As the age of our children increases, their nutritional requirement increases too, but what tags along with this are the tantrums of the taste buds craving for delicious food.

The other day, my child was watching a movie of his favourite hero fighting a villain who had created havoc in the whole world. He was eagerly watching the movie scene where his favourite hero Iron Man comes up and kills the villain. My son comes up to me and says that he also wishes to become smart and strong like Iron Man one day, but was confused about how to get there. I told him, "Simple, to become Iron Man, just eat iron-rich food!” With the confused look, he replied "What?” I told him not to worry and leave the rest to his super mom. I started my quest on how I can make the food that will fulfill his iron requirements and will be delicious as well.

Here are 5 Easy and Delicious ways by which you can give your children that extra dose of Iron in their Diet :

1. Dry fruit Laddoo

Dry fruit Laddoo is the single healthiest and economical sweet you can offer your child. It is fiber-rich, with a packet of protein. The dry fruits with a small amount of desi ghee make it full of Omega-3 fatty acid and Iron rich.

This is made by dry roasting, grinding and mixing Cashew nuts, Almond powder, Dates, Oats powder, and desi ghee

2. Garden Cress Seed Drink (Halim / Haleem Seeds)

This is another good way to pack the body’s iron levels in between the meals. When your child comes back home after playing with friends, this can be a perfect drink to quickly energize and load with iron content. One tbsp. of these seeds contain 12mg of Iron which fulfills the 60% of iron requirement. It has got just 2.6 gms of Fats and 3 gms of proteins.

Soak the seeds in the water for 2 hours, and before consuming, add lemon juice (excellent source of vitamin C) and enjoy the drink

How important are seeds in our diet, read to find out their importance.

3. Ragi Dosa

Ragi Dosa is an excellent substitute for the original Dosa batter made out of rice. Ragi is a powerhouse of natural iron where vitamin C level from Ragi increases once you allow it to sprout a little. To make a maximum of this delicious dish, consume it with a tangy vegetable sambar bowl.

One Ragi Dosa will give you 13% of daily calcium content (2% in case of rice batter) whereas 5% of daily iron content (1% in case of rice batter).

4. Desi Burrito

Kids are fascinated with their breakfast when you present it in a way they like. It’s always suggested to have your wheat flour mixed with Soya flour which enhances its nutritive value. Rolls made from this flour with the filling containing tomato, bean sprouts, lettuce, capsicum and lemon juice with your favourite spread will make it not only delicious but also a fancy dish for your child providing iron-rich content.

The Sprouts provides almost 18% of daily iron content. This easily makes up an enriching nutritious breakfast for your child.

5. Watermelon Guava juice

This is a super drink that you can give your children after their playtime. Why do I call it a super drink? Just one glass of this juice provides 121% of the daily iron necessity. Nothing can beat the nutritional content and the ease of making this for your children.

See that iron is easily absorbed when served with food containing higher Vitamin C content.

Be that supermom to help your child become an iron man by showing them you love them 3000 by giving delicious food which will make them both healthy and happy.

Spinach may not give you superhuman quality to battle off reprobates like Popeye's adversary Bluto, however this verdant green and different nourishments containing iron can enable you to battle an alternate kind of foe - iron-lack sickliness.

Know the Top Iron Rich Foods - Fight Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Adults

If you know any other delicious and easy recipe which is iron-rich, please do mention it in comments.

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