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Are You Guilty of Refrigerating These 10 Foods? STOP Right Now

What on earth would I do without my beloved fridge? It’s the source of joy and respite when excruciating hunger pangs strike. A fridge filled with food – lots and lots of food, is the only boon of my millennial existence. It is only natural to say that nothing breaks my heart as terribly as the sight of an empty fridge – the betrayal of the worst kind.

My love affair with my fridge was going great when I woke up to a rude shock – cold is not always good, and storing all sorts of food in the fridge might not be the healthiest option. My life has been a lie, literally.

The fridge is guilty of altering the flavour and texture of certain foods, starving foods of its nutrient content.

So, run and remove all these foods, if they have been sitting on the fridge for long. And people, I share the bewilderment wholeheartedly.

Full article featured on The Quint, 26th September, 2017.



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