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Top Weight Loss Myths: Sharing the myths you should never fall for!

Do you still believe in those random and baseless weight loss myths that have no scientific reason behind them? You must know that weight loss is not an overnight process. It requires a lot of patience and a balanced diet to lose weight smartly and efficiently.

Top Diet Myths That You should never fall for

So, please don’t blindly count on the common misconceptions, which claim to reduce tons of pounds rapidly. Following these weight loss myths available widely on the internet might cause side effects and malnutrition in your body.

Thus, being a dietitian, today, I’ll help you realise the real facts behind these top 10 ridiculous weight loss myths.

1. Do You Believe that Weight Loss is Equal to Fat Loss?

Well, sometimes, you may notice a sudden decrease on the weighing scale, and you might believe that you are actually losing fat. But no! Fat reduction is not a sudden process.

The abrupt increase or decrease in weight generally occurs due to water weight, i.e., the weight of the water content found between the joints, tissues, etc. Thus, it has no connection with calorie consumption or fat reduction.

2. Every Calorie Intake has Equal Impact on Your Body

Though the energy value of all calories is the same, different calorie sources have different effects on your body. For instance, when you eat fruit, it feels much more filling than candy or chocolate. Do you know why? It is because even if the calorie content for both the food items is the same, they affect our bodies differently.

3. Using Supplements Can Reduce Your Weight Rapidly

Are you thinking of taking those readily available weight-loss supplements? Well, these random pills are more likely to bring about some side effects on your body. The market is flooded with several such weight loss supplements, but most of them are rarely effective.

Though you can get a little help if you are using one of the best ones available, still, the results won’t be glorious.

4. You Will Get Fat if You Take Carbs

Although a diet with low-carb content might help in weight loss, carbs are not solely responsible for obesity. So, don’t ditch whole foods with high carb content as these are highly beneficial for your body.

However, refined carbs cause weight gain. So, as long as you are intaking healthy carbs in a lesser amount with high protein content, you are good to go.

5. Exercise is Enough!

Are you planning to run a marathon on a treadmill to shed away your pounds rapidly? Well, you are doing it wrong. Exercising is quite helpful in keeping your metabolism in check and boosting weight loss as well.

But exercise alone can’t help you! A proper diet plan, along with adequate exercising, is needed to lose weight smartly.

Like many others, do you even presume walking as a waste of time? Do you think that it doesn’t qualify as a perfect weight loss workout in your activity list? If yes, then you are highly mistaken! What makes Walk the most underrated workout? Why Everyone Should Walk and What … Continue reading

6. You Will Gain All the Fat Again

Some old saying states that as soon as you lose your weight, you will start getting fat again shortly. This statement might stand true with respect to water weight. But the actual weight loss differs from person to person. Some people lose weight slowly while a few come across noteworthy differences, even with simple changes.

7. Do You Feel Surgery to be the Only Option Left?

Well, this is something immensely demotivating and wrong. In the hope of losing weight rapidly, people tend to undergo liposuction surgeries that might pose high risks to their overall health. Weight loss surgery might be a good shot, but not everyone’s body can cope up with it.

8. Ditching Gluten Ensures Weight Loss

Are you suffering from celiac disease or thyroid? If yes, then gluten should be avoided. But if you are cutting on your favourite sandwiches only to lose weight, stop it right away.

Studies have shown that a gluten-free lifestyle doesn’t equal to losing weight. Instead, you should seamlessly keep gluten in your diet, pairing it with fibre-rich fruits and vegetables.

9. Never Eat Fast Food Again!

“Ditch fast food forever if you want to lose weight” – We often get to hear this statement as a solution to lose weight; isn’t it? Well, let me burst the bubble of this health myth.

Nowadays, many restaurants have come up with healthier fast food dishes so that you do not have to compromise on your taste buds. Just remember to eat in small proportions, and you will be good to go.

10. Are You Ditching Egg Yolk to Slim Down Quickly?

In the opinion of a dietician, I would say that it is absolutely a bad idea to ditch egg yolks quite often. It comprises essential nutrients such as choline, and hence, I recommend you to consume at least one egg yolk for every 2-3 eggs.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are working on your body to lose weight, then I am quite certain that you can easily relate to these myths, and probably you must have even followed some of them, right? If yes, then please stop it right now! Always consult your dietitian before following any regime, as most of the facts wandering around us are myths.

However, if you still have any myth lingering on your mind, feel free to reach out to me over Instagram or over Whatsapp. I will undoubtedly try to burst out the myths and reveal the facts for you!

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