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Is This Why You Are Still Not Losing Weight?

Have you tried everything in the world and I’m sure you’re tired now. From Low carb diet to juice diets to water diets & so on; Are you still thriving to lose some weight? Then let’s have a closer look at your daily routine and figure out a few common mistakes you might have been making so far.

Common Mistake in Diets

Some Common Reasons You’re Still Not Losing Weight:

1. You Are Eating Without Planning:

For effective weight loss, it is really important to eat attentively. You need to relish and chomp every speck really well. Eat slowly, keep your phone and television remote aside. Give a break to Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp for a while and just enjoy the food. Give your mind a chance to understand that you have eaten good amount of food and there is no need to indulge more.

2. You Might Have an Unknown Medical Condition

Certain medical conditions can make your weight loss journey very difficult and remarkably slow. These medical conditions include PCOS, Hypothyroidism and Lack of Sleep. In many cases, we have seen that a lot of medicines like Pain Killers, Blood Thinners, etc. can result into weight gain and is very much efficient of unsettling your weight loss journey.

3. You are Stressed

When we are in deep stress or emotionally upset or tensed, we often indulge in comfort giving foods. These comfort giving foods can include a pack of chips, sweet cookies, a peg of whiskey or a chocolate pudding. Indulging in such foods make you feel better for a while uplifting your mood to a bit but You eventually end up eating too much of these foods which then becomes unhealthy. This leads to put a full stop on your entire week’s effort in controlling your diet intake or burning calories and you end up gaining weight again.

4. You’re not having enough of Proteins

For a successful weight loss, Protein Rich Diet makes a huge contribution. While Protein takes more time to get digested in comparison to the carbohydrates and fats, Proteins are known to increase metabolism which results in faster weight loss. Proteins in required quantity when consumed, always give you a feeling of being full and satisfied.

5. Not Drinking Enough Water?

Drinking less water can again be a noticeable reason why you have not been dropping the desired weight. Drinking water keeps you full for longer duration and helps in keeping the hunger twinges away. It can crush your appetite and keeps you hydrated. The aim should be to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. You’d soon see a drop in weight with this.

6. Too Much of Alcohol

If you’re targeting a weight loss, then you have to cut down on your alcohol intake. It is proven that excessive drinking can lead to weight gain. Make a healthier choice by switching to fresh juices, water, pressed juices or cold soups. Remember that per gram of alcohol has 7 calories which is very high. Knowing our lifestyle, if you think you have to drink then follow this simple hack: Consume something which is rich in fibre just before you are about to drink. Also Accompany your drink with snacks like salad sticks, chicken tikka or roasted chana alongside so that you do not drink too much.

7. Lack of Sleep

It is advised to have at least 8 hours of sleep. Lack of adequate sleep lower your metabolism rate and slower your weight loss process. Infact, lack of sleep can actually make you move towards gaining weight and obesity in future. So sleep well and stay healthy.

8. Lack of Physical Exercise

Exercising is vital to burn off the excess fat that has accumulated over time. A good workout in any form such as a brisk walk or even a Yoga at Home can lead to faster weight loss and help you in reaching the goal sooner than desired.

Look into these reasons and figure out what is that one reason which is making all your efforts go waste. Share your feedback or questions in comments section below.


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