Top Metabolism Increasing Breakfast, Eat like a King!

Since our childhood we are told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should always eat it like a king. Holding to be true, Breakfast actually is the first meal you have after night long fasting and is vital as it boosts up your metabolism to prepare you for the day.

What is important? Eating breakfast alone would not really help. You can't have a slice of a bread along with a coffee in the name of cutting your calories, this invades the body's mental and physical health for the day and you end up slowing the body's metabolism instead.

Metabolism is a the process in which our body converts food into energy. On digestion, calories give you energy to perform your daily activities. Your body requires this energy to help you perform various tasks like weightlifting to driving, breathing to even proper blood circulation or from your body growth to cell repair. The body starts dysfunctioning in all these tasks if your metabolism is slow. Thus Breakfast with proper and right food intakes becomes critical.

Let's look at Top Five Breakfast Options which can jumpstart your metabolism:


Eggs are the most common, the most convenient and readily available breakfast food. They are extremely nutritious and the best source of protein. Eggs are a great source of Omega 3, Vit D, Vit B12 and Riboflavin. The Eggs help you feel fuller for longer time and keep you satisfied which helps you prevent overeating.

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Oats are undoubtedly the best sources of carbs to have for your first meal in the morning. They are complex & contain good amount of fibre. They are also heart-healthy and helps your body to lower cholesterol levels. Oats get digested slowly and hence your body feels fuller for longer time. Have them with milk or yogurt or with roasted veggies whichever way you like them.

Whole grains

You should always avoid processed foods for the breakfast and you should opt for whole grains as they are loaded with fibre and required nutrients, and processing strips them of their nutrients. Avoid packaged food which lack in fibre and other important nutrients.

Lean meat

Leaving aside Mayo or other tempting dressings, try grab a grilled chicken sandwich for your breakfast. This will boost your metabolism like anything giving you high proteins and essential amino acids. It increases your metabolism as body needs a lot of energy to digest it. You can add few veggies in your sandwich to add good amount of fibre along.

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Having Milk has been a daily breakfast habit and i believe the most easiest one to be added to your first meal of the day. Rich in Protein and Calcium, Milk has no fibre value but keep you feel fuller because of high residual functionality. If you're lactogen intolerant or hate milk, then you can add a full cup of Yogurt or a glass of Salted Butter Milk as well. Home made Cottage Cheese made from skimmer or low fat milk can also be one of the ingredients in your breakfast meal.

These are the top five proven foods which you can include in your breakfast diet and will keep you feel fuller till lunch. This would help you resist those mid meal hunger pangs and you'd not munch on these unhealthy snacks.

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