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How Restaurant Aggregating Apps are Making you Fat

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

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Eating is not a bad thing, but overeating is. If I talk about the process, we are made to eat for providing our body nutrition and our soul, the self-approbation it needs. There is no better feeling than the feeling of a full belly. Restaurants have evolved a lot in the last two decades if I take an approximate number on it. Entrepreneurs and food enthusiasts have dedicatedly invested their money on making the exclusive categorial restaurants into wholesome food giants. For example, Biryani, a recipe, and a combination of well-cooked rice with the veggies or chicken or mutton have introduced into multi-branded restaurants such as Behrouz Biryani, Biryani by kilos and Biryani Blues, etc. Whether your favorite food is American or Indian, they all exist. We just have to go out in a mall, and you will find it all.

What have the apps done?

What aggregating apps (such as Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato) have done is making our favorite dishes accessible to us. Irresistible displays and photos of our favorite food dishes served with a seamless UI on an app make them even tastier. Massive discounts and occasional free delivery enslave us even more to order our favorite meal, and finally, we get to pay in advance with the top online mobile wallets. I mean, how much convenient can it be? It becomes productive in so many cases such as if you have forgotten your lunch at home or there is a corporate party that you have to host but don’t have time to cook, or you want to taste a particular sweet because you have a sweet tooth or any case where you are hungry, but you don’t have the direct resource to cook or buy food, that is where these applications come in. These apps are nothing but a simple sales model for restaurants to expand into areas which they want to, but cannot because of capital issues. Restaurants don’t have to invest in terms of real estate but can quickly launch in a particular area. It aims to provide consumers with the choicest food options in their neighborhood, along with an option of seamless delivery. ready-to-occupy kitchens offer restaurant partners a basic setup with the required amenities. No rent or deposit is charged for premises. Partners can leverage Swiggy insights to improve their food quality through consistent consumer feedback. With restaurant insights app for owners where they can get real-time information on how their business is doing. The apps serve a close loop benefit to whoever party they are getting in touch.


The apps have been developed in the last decade, and the people are now so much used to it, that they don’t have to give a second thought whether they should order from a specific place or not. Now, we click on the app, order from the nearest restaurant, and voila, we have that favorite dish that we planned in the morning. But obviously, convenience always takes a toll on our health. The aggregators have so much streamlined our priorities on eating through an app that we don’t even think about whether we have a full belly or not, we order and order, and it goes on. We order more stuff than usual, because yes, there was a 40% discount on the same. Now, the person who used to order 3–4 times a month, is soon ordering more frequently, i.e., 14–15 times a month, serving the mission of these aggregating apps, better than ever. And it ultimately results in our fat bellies.

Zomato Greatness

Though Zomato has done great work in terms of creating a distinct category for the online food menu. Now, we can quickly lookup a restaurant we want to go to, have a look at its ambiance, their live discounts, and events, good and bad reviews, etc., giving us more power and knowledge over our actions.

Intent Vs. Impact

These companies intend to provide our favorite food to our door as soon as possible, seamlessly. And obviously, that is pretty much evident that it is happening. But the impact includes more cons to our health, to our actions and especially to our pocket. Now, we are sharing our card details to one more company, than yesterday, which ought to happen, if we want to pay in advance.

My Tip

Don’t let yourself caught in the wind of tech, where you get dependent on online food ordering system. Use it when it’s most required, such as when you don’t have time to cook or your mother is sick and she cannot cook, or you are bored from eating home food every day. Use it in need.

Eating is good; being a food explorer is incredible, but don’t rely totally on the apps. Go out and explore by yourself, pay that 10% discount you were getting on the app, for god sake. Have a conversation with the owner and their inception from where they started their shop, where did they conceive this idea and I assure you more learning rather than just scrolling down on an app for your favorite dish.

I hope you find this article helpful, please do share it with someone who is really addicted to online food ordering and is getting lazy day by day.

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