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Breaking Bad Eating Habits and How they affect your Health

Two out of three adults are either overweight or obese, and on the other hand, a lot of people are malnourished and underweight, all this happens due to their bad eating habits. To keep up with the trends, people end up eating more or very less than what their body requires. A lot of people who love eating junk food, binge eat on anything which they like without knowing the consequences. People in the other category eat a very little amount of food to get a perfect shaped body, little do they know that these bad eating habits are making them weak and fragile from inside.

Do you also find yourself eating things that you know are not good for your body? Or you're starving yourself to become slim and fit?

Eating a full plate of nourishment is very critical for a healthy body. Three proper meals a day with lots of nutritious food products which must include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is the basic requirement of your body.

The methods you're using to get slim or to gain weight by making changes in your healthy eating pattern are all waste. They'll show some results in the beginning, but soon you'll realise that you've made a terrible mistake by tampering with your healthy food habits. If you're one of the people in the above categories, it is suggested that you should switch to healthy eating habits as soon as possible.

Now, if you think that you're ready to give up your bad eating habits, but even after trying a lot, all you're giving yourself is false hope, then here is something that can help you a lot.

Given below are some amazing steps you should take to break your bad eating habits and switch to a healthier lifestyle!

  • Do a kitchen Purge: Having only the right kinds of food in the kitchen is the right way to start. Go to your kitchen closet and throw away all the food products filled with processed sugars, fats, added flavours, and all other kinds of impurities and replace them with healthy nutritious foods made of whole-grains, fruits and vegetables. Try to cut out all processed stuff and eat real, whole foods!

  • Three Meals; Breakfast is a must: Three Meals; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a snack break and 7-8 glasses of water in a day is what we call ‘a healthy dose'. To lose all your bad eating habits, you’ve to start following this healthy plan of eating every day and you’ll see the change for yourself

  • Avoid stress Eating: Stress eating is a major cause of weight gain. Try to avoid eating when you're stressed as far as possible. It will be difficult initially to stop yourself from eating, but with time and patience, you'll overcome this bad food habit.

  • Innovate the junk!: Abstaining yourself from eating your favourite foods is stressful, and you may end up eating lots of ‘healthy' foods that are again disastrous for your body. Breaking up with your bad food habits don't really mean breaking up with your favourite junk foods, you just have to limit the amount of those unhealthy foods. You can also turn the unhealthy junk into healthy, tasty options. For instance, make your own healthy pizza with wholegrain crust, healthy veggies, and lots of healthy cheese. Try with other junk foods also!

  • Become aware of the trigger Foods: Take full control over your cravings! Start avoiding the foods and drinks that come with artificial sweeteners, sweet baked products, refined carbs anything that makes you crave and eat more. These foods are usually unhealthy but so delectable that you can’t stop yourself from asking for one more. Take charge in your hands and stop binging on these foods!

Making these changes in your diet is a big step towards healthiness, but with this, you'll have to face a lot of difficulties. You might find yourself going back to those bad food habits; all you have to do is relax and start over from step one. Finally, when you get over all your bad food habits, you'll start noticing various changes in yourself; both physically and mentally. First of all, it will help in weight loss and will lower the chances of other health risks. Your body will get better nutrition, which will give you more toned muscles, strong bones, and clearer skin. It will also improve digestion and your eyesight. Healthy eating habits enhance your mood and make you feel energised and fresh always.

Given below are some important tips that will help you to maintain healthy eating habits:

  • Moderate or eliminate Alcohol: Alcohol releases your inhibitions, which makes you eat more than what is required

  • Get sufficient Sleep: Disrupted sleep patterns not only increases the stress levels but also have direct effects on your insulin resistance. Hence, you should pay attention to your sleep!

  • Control Stress levels: Controlling stress levels is not difficult, just divert your mind to some other activities. Yoga, dance, music, painting are just some of the amazing options

  • Exercise the Right way: Most important point. Physical exercise is equally important as the intake of healthy food!

If you have any queries or you want to add anything to the above information, do let us know in the comments section below.

Breaking Bad Eating Habits and Affects on Health



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