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Save the Date & this Diet: Follow this Special Detox Diet for Maha Shivratri Fast

Updated: Feb 21

Maha Shivaratri is the magnificent occasion for the followers of Lord Shiva, to praise the God and seek his blessings. In fact, for the devotees of Lord Shiva, nothing is more important that fasting on Mahashivaratri, when it comes to showing their honor and love to the deity. This year the holy day is being celebrated on 8th March, 2024.

Maha Shivratri Fast Diet

As per the Hindu mythology, keeping a fast on Mahashivratri helps one to achieve power over the two great forces that distress a person - Rajas Guna (the quality of passionate activity) and the Tamas guna (the quality of ignorance).

Seeds have always played an important role in our healthy lifestyle. In old times, people who used to observe fast on Mahashivaratri would take bath early in the morning, with warm water and black sesame seeds.

During the day, they would refrain from eating food made with rice, pulses or wheat. However, the devotees may eat fruits and drink tea, milk or coffee during the fast. Fruits always have medicinal benefits to our health and hence consuming fruits on a day of observing fast have always been a practise.

While complete abstinence (nirjala vrat) is a strict practice, many choose a modified approach with specific foods. As a registered dietitian, I want to guide you towards a mindful and nourishing fast that honors tradition while prioritizing your well-being.

I have come up with a brilliant diet plan which you can follow if you're keeping a fast on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri, which would not only be a fasting diet but also would help your body to detox.

Beyond "Detox Diet this Maha Shivratri": Ditch the fad claims and focus on the true benefits – reflection, gratitude, and mindful eating. View this as an opportunity to cultivate healthy habits that can last a lifetime.


  1. Upon Waking Up: Leaving to you whether you’d like to take bath first or not, but consider consuming a glass of warm water with a fresh lemon juice. While the warm water would help you clear your digestive track and keep it clean at the start of the day; Lemon Juice gives you good boost of Vitamin C. Hydration is the Key. Keep drinking water throughout the day which keeps you hydrated the entire day. Also don’t miss the Top Health Benefits of Lemon

  2. Before breakfast: While you’re observing a fast today, it’s advisable not go for a intense workout schedule today. Try and awaken your inner senses through some good Yoga Asanas. A good 30 minutes of Walk would help you stay energetic for the rest of the day.

  3. Breakfast: Pick up a fresh season fruit like a Strawberry or Mango or a Pineapple. Slice them and make a good thick Milk or yogurt based Smoothie. You can add a little sugar bases your taste, you can look at adding sugar. The target should be keeping this Shake at around 300 -400 calories. Fruits have fibre which would help you feel fuller for longer time and Yogurt has a lot of health benefits, a few mentioned here.

  4. Special Coffee/Tea Break: While most of the people don’t consumer Coffee during Shivratri fast, you can pick up a cup of Green Tea or else a cup of coffee. Both Green Tea and Coffee are known to increase your Metabolism (Learn more here). If you feel hungry by this time, grab an apple and cut it into thin slices and have one slice at a time. This is fill you up and make you feel less hungry.


If you’re in office and at home, don’t sit idle. Sitting idle makes your mind search for snacks. Keep yourself occupied for a little walk to the market / or a nearby store. The target should be to spend around 20 minutes into some sort of physical workout.

  1. Lunch hour: Pick up a fibre rich Cabbage or Broccoli & Cottage Cheese Salad. You can also look at making a healthy soup with the same ingredients. Broccoli is known as a super food (know why? Click here), this will give you a fibre boost along with healthy fats and boost of protein for the day. Keep your focus on the food you’re having and enjoy that. Stay away from mobile phone or any other distracting element.

  2. Snack Hunger Pang: If you feel that you won’t be able to control your hunger till dinner or if you started feeling hungry already, then you have a best way to curb it. Try and have a cold pressed vegetable or fruit. If not, have a Banana. Yes, there has been a huge debate over Banana being a killer fruits or a filler fruit, we have a dedicated blog section on that, I bet you would love read it for sure: Banana - Filler or Killer?


Go for a soothing walk in the evening breeze. A park or near a water body or somewhere cooler which can give you mental piece and strength. You can go for a temple visit and sit quietly observing people.

  1. Dinner: Sauté or Grilled Vegetables with little pepper and salt is just what you need at the end of the day. Pick up some green veggies like Beans, Broccoli, Capsicum, Zucchini etc. If you wish to add Tomatoes, you can. Make sure that you don’t enjoy your meal in front of a TV. Devote time in having your meal with family or alone but enjoy each and every bite of it. Ps: You avoid over eating this way.

  2. The final step is one of the most important one to make your fast successful is to pray to god at the end of the day and thank him for everything you have in life and then you need to go to bed and sleep. Take a good sound sleep for 7-8 hours to feel fresh and refreshed the next morning.

Special Tips:

  • Plan ahead: Prepare your meals and snacks in advance to avoid unhealthy temptations.

  • Listen to your body: Break the fast if you experience discomfort or dizziness.

  • Embrace the spirit: Use this time for self-reflection, prayer, and meditation.

  • Focus on sustainability: Don't view this as a one-time cleanse. Integrate healthier habits into your daily routine for long-term well-being.

Breaking the Fast Gently: Don't jump straight back to heavy meals. Start with easily digestible foods like fruits, soups, or yogurt to ease your digestive system.

So, how did you like the Maha Shivratri special fast – detox diet? Know friends who keep this fast? Share this with your friends right now. You can ask your questions in the comments section below.

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