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Hi I am Rupanjana Das, married and settled in Noida, 35 years old.

Post my wedding I had put on a considerable amount of weight due to excessive indulgence of junk food and unhealthy eating habits at home. To top it all, I was on antidepressants which triggered me to get into emotional eating intermittently. All these had naturally reflected on my weight .

When you are overweight, life isn’t exactly smooth. From battling unsolicited comments to health conditions which stem from all the extra kilos, I had seen it all. It is not only your physical health which takes the beating, but even your mental health goes for a toss.

However, when my confidence levels began to take a beating, I knew that I needed to pull my socks up and get back on track.

It was then that I decided to consult a nutritionist. After doing an extensive research over the internet, I finally chose nutritionist Ankita Gupta Sehgal who is not only a Great dietician, but also a very wonderful supportive human being who motivates you to the final level of perfection. The service and diet plans provided are really effective .

She made this whole journey so convenient for me. The diet was much doable and was customised as per my eating habits. There were weeks I craved for non vegetarian food , and she personalised my diet my adding a lot of eggs , chicken and fish recipes which I could have to my heart’s content. She gave me prompt replies all my queries, handled my insecurities at times when the weighing machine wont budge and gave me holistic solutions in my journey of weight loss. With her plan , I could lose 18 kgs in a span of 3.5 months , with a decent amount of inch loss as well.

I feel way more fitter, energetic and brimming with confidence always, All thanks to Ankita Maam