The 7-Day Detox Diet:  Perfect Weight Loss Cleanse Offer

A Special Day coming Up Or an Important meeting in a week's time or a big social gathering and you need to look your best? Or you have been  eating out a lot and are looking for a body cleanse?

There are times when one really needs to look at your best and what you need is a Perfect Detox Diet Week.


Why do you need this?

Do this to reduce bloat, trim a few Kilos of Weight, Clear up skin, get rid of acne, get liver to boost up and ensure that hair will shine!!

Sign Up Today for The 7-Day Perfect Detox Plan at Just Rs. 999.

About Dietician Ankita Gupta Sehgal

She is one of the best dietitian in Delhi NCR, with 12 years of expertise in Weight Loss, PCOD Correction, Sports Fitness, Thyroid Diet, Diabetic and Cholesterol Management Diets. Consult Dt. Ankita for the most personalised diet plans in person on online for best diet plans, starting at just Rs. 2500 per month. Book Now!

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